‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You Recognize Detective Sumners From

by Taylor Cunningham

Did Detective Mia Sumner of Chicago PD look familiar? Here’s why.

Detective Mia Sumners joined Chicago PD in 2014, and she appeared in seven episodes. Sumners, an antagonist, was tasked with spying on Detective Sergeant Hank Voight. And she was working with one of the most corrupt members in Internal Affairs. In the end, the team figures out that Sumners is up to no good, and she is fired. Officer Kevin Atwater ends up replacing her and becoming a series regular.

Many guest stars who have graced the screen on Chicago PD have impressive backgrounds, and Detective Sumners actress Sydney Tamiia Poitier is no different.

Sydney is the daughter of two-time Oscar winner Sidney Poitier and his wife, 1960s Hollywood starlet Joanna Shimkus. Sydney began her career guest-starring in major television series. Her first big success came in 1998 when she appeared in a made-for-TV movie titled Free of Eden, which also starred her father. And the following year, she acted in Clint Eastwood’s True Crime.

In 2007, Syndey told Blackfilm that her earliest roles always portrayed her as “the nice girl or the sweet girl or the girl next door.” And the actress struggled to break from the typecasting.

After Eastwood’s film, Sydney landed her first lead role when she was played Riley Kessler in NBC’s First Years. The series followed a group of recent law school graduates who were just starting their careers. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after only three episodes.

The actress then spent the early 2000s guest starring or playing recurring characters on major primetime dramas. In 2003, she appeared in the first season of Joan of Arcadia. And in 2004, she played a teacher on Veronica Mars.

‘Chicago PD’ Actress Sydney Tamiia Poitier Went on to Star in a Quentin Tarantino Classic

In 2007, Sydney Poitier played alongside Kurt Russell in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. And the producer wrote the character knowing that he wanted her to play it.

“[The movie] was so different from the parts that I usually get cast in that it was an incredible opportunity and I was just so excited,” she told Blackfilm.

Sydney said that her character, Jungle Julia, was a far cry for the characters she’d played earlier in her career. And she enjoyed acting in “the tough girl roles or the b****y girl roles or the really sexy girls.”

In 2008, the Chicago PD actress starred as FBI agent Carrie Rivaiin in the reboot of Knight Rider. And then, she spent a few years with shows like Private Practice and Hawaii Five-0. In 2018, Sydney worked in Amazon Prime’s psychological thriller Homecoming.

But Syndey’s most recent show is the Canadian dramedy, Carter. In the series, which also stars Jerry O’Connell, she plays Detective Sam Shaw as a series regular. In the show, O’Connell is an actor who returns to his hometown after having a fall from grace. And Shaw is his childhood best friend who lets him tag along while she solves crimes.