‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You Recognize Lexie Wright From

by Jacklyn Krol
Arnold Turner, Getty Images

Why does Chicago PD character Lexie Wright look so familiar?

Although Lexie Wright was a minor character in the Chicago PD universe, she did leave quite the impression. Actress Cynthia Rodriguez has a background in both film and television.

Her first big break was in 2012 when she portrayed Beth Mendez in the movie Iniquity. She has also appeared as a guest in Hit The Floor, The New Edition Story, My Haunted House, among others.

One of her most notable characters was in Animal Kingdom Season 3. She portrayed Daniella Garcia and was a recurring character during that season. The TNT show followed a family based in California who partook in criminal activities. The family’s matriarch Smurf (Ellen Barkin) was sent to prison after she was convicted of murder in the Season 2 finale. So she created a network to continue to deal with the criminal enterprise from behind bars. One of her allies was Daniella, who protected her from other prisoners. After Smurf was later released from prison, we never saw Daniella again.

She was recently a recurring character in Pump as Serenity for six episodes. She portrayed the friend and co-worker of the former television fitness star Sean Ford (Ray J).

Most recently she was featured in the movie Good Intentions as Officer Ruiz.

‘Chicago PD’ Character’s Major Change

Last year, Chicago PD star Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) decided to foster a little girl. Her new daughter just suffered from an unfathomable tragedy, her parents were murdered. Burgess made the decision to foster her rather quickly and didn’t take into consideration how this will change her work and personal life balance. She has finally found a balance to keep her job while keeping her foster child safe.

“It’s just like what I do every day,” Marina Squerciati said of her Chicago PD character becoming a foster mom to Us Weekly.

“I may not be able to hang out with the cast because I’ve gotta go home and tuck somebody in,” she added. “You do the job the same, I just think you have less time to give people. You just don’t look correct when you’re a new mom.”

One of the aspects that she noted was that her character will be wearing less makeup over the season. In real life, she is also a mother so she understood where Burgess is coming from.

“I was like, ‘Sweatpants and no makeup?’” Squerciati excitedly recalled. “Very little goes into what happens when you’re a new mom, at least for me. God bless the women who can put effort into their face but I can’t.”