‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You Recognize Olen Actor AlexAnn Hopkins From

by Chase Thomas

We’ve all been there. Where we have been watching a television show and we see an actor that we recognize but that we cannot quite place. Perhaps Chicago PD star AlexAnn Hopkins is one of those actors. She appeared in the fifth season of the show in the eighth episode.

But if you remember that episode and are wondering where you may have seen her before, it was probably Criminal Minds, a different crime drama on a different network where her character almost fell victim to a scary unsub.

It was the second-to-last episode of the series before it all ended in 2020. Hopkins played the daughter of a mother who got caught up in The Chameleon. He was a terrifying big-time unsub in the show, but ultimately came out of the episode unscathed. It was a big spot for Hopkins as this was the last villain in the show before it ended. She appeared right as the show was coming to a close.

One of the most interesting roles in the One Chicago universe is Jay on Chicago PD. He’s appeared in multiple shows and has been one of the more difficult characters to figure out. He is played by Jesse Lee Soffer who spoke with DuJour about the role and why he keeps playing him in the NBC dramas.

Jay’s Future on ‘Chicago PD’

He said, “It’s always challenging. I’m always trying to find the character and trying to change the character and figure out what he’s going through and what he’d be experiencing in a given moment or something like that, but on top of that we’re always learning. We have cops with us all day on set, we have our technical advisors constantly teaching us new tricks of the trade and putting us in scenarios that we haven’t been in before. So the job is always challenging and there’s always a new experience. I think that keeps us on our toes.”

It’s still fun for Soffer. He likes that Chicago PD is well-run and that each day they are doing something new and challenging for him to work on. It’s hard to get stagnate with that kind of turnover and consistency.

Still, he has goals for the character on Chicago PD that includes he says, “Jay was in the military and he was at war, and he’s kind of like a badass. I like it when someone’s imperfect, when the good guy doesn’t always win or when he makes a mistake and screws up. There have been a couple episodes so far this season where we’ve gotten to see more of an emotional side to Jay, and you know to see his compassion and that hasn’t been something that’s been there in the previous season. It’ll be cool for the fans to see.”

He likes that Jay plays both sides and that he is a complicated figure. Still, he wants to see more on the emotional side. So we shall see if we see more of that on Chicago PD. You can watch it on NBC.