‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Adam Ruzek Actor Patrick John Flueger Before

by Victoria Santiago

Most of us probably know Patrick John Flueger for his role as Adam Ruzek on Chicago PD. He’s been in other popular shows and movies, too. Not to mention, the actor has made countless appearances throughout the One Chicago franchise.

Patrick John Flueger first started acting in the early 2000s. He got his start on popular TV shows at the time, including CSI: Miami, Boston Public, and Judging Amy. He got his big break when he landed a recurring role on The 4400. Flueger stayed in that role for three years, from 2004 to 2007.

Afterward, he started to work on a variety of shows again, appearing on Hatfields & McCoys and Criminal Minds. His character on Criminal Minds is notable; out of the many serial killers portrayed on the show, only a few kill all of their victims. Flueger’s character successfully killed every target he made. He made another big appearance in 2011 when he played Chuck in the remake of the 1984 classic Footloose.

He first started showing up in the One Chicago franchise in 2014, with repeat appearances on Chicago Fire and the show most of us know him for, Chicago PD.

Patrick John Flueger Will Guest Star in Reboot of ‘The 4400’

We’ll be seeing the Chicago PD star return to one of his former shows soon. Patrick John Flueger will be guest-starring in a reboot of The 4400. It will not be a continuation of the original show, but rather a reimagining. Thus, Flueger won’t be playing his old character, but someone new.

The 4400 followed a group of 4,400 people that had been abducted and then returned to Earth. Each of them came back with special abilities or powers. On the original The 4400, Flueger played Shawn Farrell. His character played an interesting and essential part on the show, as someone who was not meant to be abducted but was anyway. Farrell’s brother was originally meant to be the one taken, but he pushed him out of the way at the last second. He ends up being one of the first of the group to develop abilities, and skyrockets into a position of importance amongst the 4,400 abducted people. According to Patrick John Flueger, his character is meant to be optimistic. “He really represents the best of the situation that they’re in,” the actor said. “The crazy situation of the 4400, he’s trying to find the best outcome.”

For this reboot of The 4400, Flueger will be playing Caleb, who is described as “a charismatic figure from one of the 4400’s past.” For now, his appearance on the show is a one-time thing. Of course, that could always change in the future, but we’ll still be seeing more of Flueger on Chicago PD.