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‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Expect Antonio Dawson to Return Anytime Soon

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Season nine of “Chicago PD” has been quite a roller coaster for our favorite officers at the 21st District. Current events point to the potential departure or temporary absence of certain characters, perhaps even several at once. Nevertheless, we must wait for the hit NBC show’s midseason finale to find out what comes next.

Meanwhile, we reflect on previous seasons of “Chicago PD.” In doing so, we reencountered questions regarding one former star, John Seda. The former cast member previously played the role of Detective Antonio Dawson on the Dick Wolf-produced procedural. During his time, “One Chicago” fans loved to follow the dynamic character throughout investigations at “Chicago PD.”

Now, we continue to miss the detective, as well as the character’s sister, Gabby Dawson over on “Chicago Fire.” However, One Chicago Center claims there’s a good chance we won’t see the fan-favorite character back on “Chicago PD” any time soon. Here’s why.

Seda left the set of “Chicago PD” in season six. Showrunners attributed the character’s departure to a drug use relapse before heading into rehab. Dawson then moved back to Puerto Rico with his paramedic sister, Gabby.

However, in reality, Seda has gained a starring role in the new hit series, “La Brea.” According to the outlet, the actor shared high praise of his time over on “Chicago PD.” Now, though, his dedication to the new series will surely keep Seda from returning to Chicago’s 21st District.

Nevertheless, like much of the “One Chicago” universe, showrunners have left the door wide open for Dawson’s return. Showrunner Rick Eid previously stated, “I think the door’s always open for someone like Jon. Everybody here loves him.”

Kim Burgess Remains Pivotal Character in Current ‘Chicago PD’ Arc

As we’ve seen throughout “Chicago PD” season nine, Officer Kim Burgess has taken a back seat among ongoing storylines. Instead, the NBC show hones in on officers Hailey Upton, Hank Voight, and Jay Halstead.

Burgess’s kidnapping and proceeding shooting during the season eight finale led to the character’s nearly fatal wounds. However, it also led to the current headlining arc on “Chicago PD.” Since then, we’ve since seen Burgess recover.

However, repercussions from that pivotal incident remain prominent. Now, the FBI is investigating Hank Voight and Hailey Upton following the covered-up murder of suspect Roy Walton. As such, “Chicago PD” fans have begun to wonder whether Burgess will have any influence over the ongoing investigation.

As you may recall, eight episodes later, Burgess remains unaware that Walton is dead. Further, she doesn’t know Upton and Voight covered up the suspect’s murder. Therefore, she still believes the perpetrator is out there. That being the case, there remains potential the female officer could, indirectly, place either Upton, Voight, or both behind bars should the FBI approach her with the information they have.

On the one hand, we might assume Burgess would feel relieved to know the shooter is dead, resulting in a conflict of interest.

So, until the midseason finale debuts, we’re left in the dark as to the characters’ fates.