‘Chicago PD’: How Former Star Sophia Bush Just Became One of Show’s Biggest Competitors

by Shelby Scott

The latest surrounding NBC‘s “Chicago PD,” states former star Sophia Bush just became the procedural show’s biggest competitor over on her new CBS-based series, “Good Sam.”

As “Chicago PD” fans know, the beloved NBC show lost the hallmark actress way back in season four. Now, navigating season nine, it appears Bush said her final goodbye to her origins within the crime drama. And there’s no doubt her new endeavors come as a major blow.

Sophia Bush previously starred as Detective Erin Lindsay on “Chicago PD.” In recent news, however, Bush intends to pursue a new route in the new medical drama, “Good Sam.”

Overall, the loss of the actress to an entirely different television network is regretful. However, the decision comes as only the initial blow to “Chicago PD.”

According to the One Chicago Center, “Good Sam,” debuting over on CBS, will premiere as one of the network’s midseason shows. Further, Bush previously took up the focal point of “Chicago PD.” As such, her role on “Good Sam” will be the actress’s first starring role since her NBC career.

Nevertheless, this marks only the beginning of the former “Chicago PD” star’s full turn on NBC. According to the outlet, the new series premiere will take place on Wednesday, January 5th. The time? 10 p.m. Eastern, the very same date and time as NBC‘s “Chicago PD.” Overall, CBS has placed the beloved actress in direct opposition with “Chicago PD.”

According to the One Chicago Center, CBS‘s decision may not bode too well for the actress nor the new series as a whole. Longtime fans surely miss Sophia Bush over on the procedural drama. However, the NBC show gained quite a loyal fanbase over the five seasons in which the actress has been gone. So, perhaps the network plans to gain some of those same fans as viewers for “Good Sam.” Meanwhile, the success of both shows remains dependent on viewer response when the new premieres finally arrive.

Why Did Sophia Bush Leave ‘Chicago PD’ in the First Place?

As we know, Sophia Bush has remained absent from “Chicago PD” for a lengthy four years, give or take. As such, “Chicago PD” fans have gained love and respect for now-fan-favorite characters. These include Jay Halstead, Kim Burgess, Hailey Upton, and others. Although, many still occasionally pine for the former star, Sophia Bush.

Nevertheless, a bigger concern points to why Bush left “Chicago PD” in the first place. And unfortunately for the NBC show’s fans, her reasoning is none too cordial in relation with the series.

During a discussion with Dax Shepard on the “Armchair Expert” podcast, Bush revealed the reasoning for her “Chicago PD” departure.

Interestingly, during the interview, the former star revealed she’d been trying to quit the show for years. Further, she stated working conditions on the set were reprehensible. She cited unfair treatment on the show and Chicago’s incredibly harsh winters.

As per the actress, starring in the show marked a “consistent onslaught barrage of abusive behavior.” She further shared of her time on “Chicago PD,” “I programmed myself to tolerate the intolerable.”

Ultimately, the star’s exhaustion and unhappiness with procedures led to Bush’s sudden departure. So, as she heads over to CBS, we can only hope the actress finds more “tolerable” conditions there.