‘Chicago PD’: Is Jason Beghe’s Voight About to Say Goodbye to Show?

by Joe Rutland

Jason Beghe stands out on “Chicago PD” as Hank Voight, Chief of the department’s Intelligence Unit. Is he leaving the NBC drama?

The short answer is no. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make up Voight.

According to One Chicago Center, Voight finds himself in some trouble right now. While a stickler for rules, Voight strays sometimes. One of those times is when the chief OK’d a cover-up of Roy Walton’s murder in the Season 8 season finale.

See, Outsiders, Voight is always going to be a bit of a contradiction. Here, let’s listen to “Chicago PD” showrunner Rick Eid talk about it.

‘Chicago PD’ Character Has Pact To Keep Death of Roy Walton As A Secret

Eid, in an interview with TV Line, said Voight is never going to follow the rules nor break them completely. Voight will be in that space between as both sides will be worked for his future.

This “Chicago PD” season will take a long look at Voight, so he’s not going anywhere.

“The events of the season finale showed how hard that change has been for [Voight], especially when circumstances test him to the extreme,” Eid said. “It’s something Voight will continue to grapple with. How does he fit into 2021? It’s a constant question.”

Voight has a pact to keep Walton’s death a secret. This puts him at odds with Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, who shot Roy.

Voight’s Deal Leaves Upton Feeling Guilty More And More About Shooting Roy

She’s just feeling extremely guilty episode after episode. Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, is blaming Voight for Upton’s recent emotional troubles.

Beghe remains silent on his “Chicago PD” future but Eid has set the record straight.

Oh, there’s not going to be a romance between Voight and Sam Miller, played by Nicole Ari Parker.

Eid said it’s not going to happen. That’s good news for Beghe, who almost died a number of years ago.

See, Outsiders, the actor was in a serious car crash.

According to an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1999, Beghe said that the wreck put him into a coma. It also injured his vocal cords. Doctors would remove his tubing, but the actor’s cords were damaged.

Beghe knows that moment is part of his story, and that he almost died.

The actor said that “technically” he did die for a short time while in the coma.

“That was definitely an experience that profoundly informed my perception of what life is,” Beghe said. “Twenty years later, it’s not something I think about very often. But as you bring it up to me, I do believe that I’ve probably permanently changed since then.”