‘Chicago PD’: Jay and Voight Are Headed for a Conflict

by Shelby Scott

This season of “Chicago PD” has been pretty tense so far. Although it appears things are only getting worse between Sergeant Hank Voight and Detective Jay Halstead. This far into “Chicago PD’s” season nine, Halstead’s resentment ensues surrounding Voight following the events of the season eight finale. It appears finally, those developing negative feelings have come to a head and the characters are seeing major conflict.

Wednesday night’s episode of “Chicago PD” saw our young detective getting “super mad” at the unit’s leader, Voight. One majorly intense scene captures Jay confronting Voight about his feelings, telling the sergeant, “I don’t trust you.”

Simultaneously, Voight shares with Halstead, “I can’t have you in my unit if you don’t trust me.”

What are we supposed to do with that?

For now, it appears Halstead and Voight have officially butted heads and things look to be on the downturn. However, according to CarterMatt, “Chicago PD” showrunners have not given fans reason to believe either character is on their way out of the series.

However, following Voight’s comment above, Jay tells him to kick him off the unit. Now we wonder whether our “Chicago PD” sergeant will actually follow through. Weeks have gone by as the two have clashed on the sidelines. Finally, last night’s episode saw the younger officer’s sentiments get in the way of properly carrying out a case.

In the end, things wind up okay, barely, but obviously change is called for. But where and who does it come from? Voight is central to “Chicago PD,” a spearheading character even prior to the show’s debut. If you recall, he made early appearances on “Chicago Fire.”

Meanwhile, Halstead has been around just as long, but in the case of the two, he has less authority. Hopefully next week’s episode gives us some conclusion as to what we can expect of the feuding officers.

‘Chicago PD’ Character Closes Out ‘Chicago Fire’ Arson Case

While Voight and Halstead continue to navigate on-screen tension within “Chicago PD,” the criminal drama saw another of its characters making a small appearance in recent episodes of “Chicago Fire.” And following Wednesday night’s arson case closure, we were glad to see the character over on “Fire.”

Several “Chicago Fire” episodes ago, Lieutenant Kelly Severide confronts a lethally dangerous arsonist as he goes to question an entirely different suspect. In the end, Severide crosses paths with the arsonist who had just set his primary suspect on fire. Literally. In a split-second decision, Severide grabs a quick glance of the arsonist before running in to save the suspect’s life.

At this, we encounter the inter-show crossover. After paramedics come and take the severely burned suspect to Chicago Med, Severide gives his account of the incident to none other than “Chicago PD’s” Kevin Atwater.

After his initial appearance, Atwater remains on for the following episode or two of “Chicago Fire.” Alongside Severide and “Chicago Fire’s” arson investigation team, the beloved “Chicago PD” character helps in tracking down the arsonist’s lair, located in his room at his elderly mother’s of all places, where they discover plans for a bomb.

From there, the “One Chicago” characters identify the arsonist’s next target and we can assume that concludes “Chicago PD’s” mini crossover with “Chicago Fire.”