‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Reveals On-Set Pics from Halstead Going ‘Undercover’

by Megan Molseed

Chicago P.D. fans were excited during last week’s season nine episode, “The One Next To Me,” to see that this episode was the first in a long time to center around Chicago P.D. officer, Jay Halstead.

It was an exciting episode where fans not only got to know the longtime Chicago P.D. officer a little bit more, but we also got a little bit of a glimpse into his mysterious past.

The suspenseful October 6 episode featured the longtime police officer and Army veteran going undercover as he works to find answers about a recently-set-off bomb that killed a young girl. Even if his disguise was a pretty simple one.

Soffer’s ‘Chicago P.D. Disguise Caps Them All

Jesse Lee Soffer, the actor who plays Halstead on the popular NBC drama series, even took to Instagram to share some of the Wednesday evening’s most intense moments with his fans. Sharing some photos of himself undercover talking with the group of robbers who are behind the violent explosions.

Soffer even joked a bit about how hard Chicago P.D.’s detective Halstead worked to disguise his identity while working undercover Wednesday night. You know, because a baseball cap always does the trick!

“Some pics from tonight’s episode,” Jesse Lee Soffer said in the Insta post.

“Clearly Halstead is undercover,” he joked noting the baseball cap the officer wore in the scenes. “You can barely recognize him!”

Soffer ended the Wednesday Insta post with three baseball cap emojis.

It is a funny point, really.

Kind of like how no one recognized Superman when he was wearing glasses. All Jay Halstead did in the episode was toss on a baseball cap. Not really the “master of disguise” there.

Of course, Halstead wasn’t disguising who he was completely…just his ties to law enforcement. So, a relaxed look topped off by a baseball cap seemed to do the trick!

Halstead’s Complicated Past

During the Wednesday, October 6 Chicago P.D., episode, Soffer’s Halstead goes undercover to investigate a bombing that injured, and later killed, a little girl.

The bombing was tied to an armored truck robbery, and Halstead saw something familiar in the explosions.

In fact, Halstead tells his Chicago P.D. captain, Hank Voight, that there are only two people in the world that he knows to have the ability to make that specific type of a bomb: himself, and his former Army buddy, Elliot Knox.

With this information, Halstead makes the choice to go undercover at an Army veteran’s meeting with the hopes of gaining Elliot Knox’s trust by discussing old memories from when they were stationed in Afghanistan together.

Eventually, Halstead and Knox end up undercover with the robbery crew…Halstead posing as a sniper hoping to join the team.

At first, Jay Halstead and Elliot Knox’s undercover efforts seemed to be working as planned. However, once he hears the news that the injured girl had died due to her injuries Knox flies into a rage. Eventually, he takes down the team and Halstead is able to apprehend his former Army commander peacefully.