‘Chicago PD’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Reveals What Comes Next After Winter Finale

by Chase Thomas

Chicago PD star Jesse Lee Soffer is a busy man. Things aren’t going to slow down after the Chicago PD winter finale, either.

Fans want to know where the Jay and North storylines go from here. Especially after so much time was spent on what happened with them. The fall lineup was heavily focused on their dynamic and what happened there. So it sounds like because so much time was spent between the two that it will change in 2022.

He told TV Insider, “I’ll be totally honest with you. We spent so much time in the first part of the season doing the Roy and North storyline that after that storyline is over, I think a lot of the storyline shifts to some of the other characters and what’s going on in their lives. Atwater has a relationship that he hasn’t been totally forthcoming in. Ruzek and Burgess [Marina Squerciati] have Makayla and they’re dealing with this interesting dynamic.”

The opportunity is there to take a back seat of sorts and recalibrate. A lot of oxygen has been spent on these two characters so it makes sense that they would change gears a bit here towards the end of things.

He added, “So we spend a lot more time with those characters and we start building some of those storylines out and we leave the marriage to the side. I’m sure it’ll come back. Being a cop and married and in the same unit is not going to be easy. I’m sure that those things will circle back around.”

The Future for The ‘Chicago PD’ Star

They got through it, though. Folks were rooting for this couple and wondering how this would all unfold with North’s ultimatum. It was a big position for Jay to be in and he had to handle everything, including the blackmail, very tightly and neatly or his whole world had the potential to come crashing down around him. Instead, he got through it and got a fiance out of the whole ordeal. It could have gone a multitude of ways for the character, but, ultimately, it went the other way and a positive one for Jay.

He added, “It also is nice closure for the Roy storyline and North storyline. We’re over this, we’ve gotten through this, we’re still together. It didn’t break us. And then to have the two characters get married, it just made sense. So I think it was good writing.”

The ending made sense. But where do you go from here as a character and as a couple? As he mentioned, it certainly seems as though there will be a calmness and a break for Jay and his world as he has been through so much this fall. Instead of being at the center of attention, his time on Chicago PD in the spring could look very different. Only time will tell on the NBC drama Chicago PD.