‘Chicago PD’ Stars Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiradakos Think Upstead’s Spontaneous Wedding Was ‘Perfect’

by Shelby Scott

Season nine of “Chicago PD” has been nothing but intense following the even more intense season eight finale. A storyline that, literally, ignited at the conclusion of last season has pervaded throughout plotlines over the last few months. Now, after an intense investigation, “Chicago PD’s” Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) closed the book on the storyline surrounding himself, Hailey Upton, and Sergeant Hank Voight. With that, fans finally saw an Upstead wedding.

Surely many Outsiders were longing for a classic wedding after so many seasons spent exploring Jay and Hailey’s relationship. However, the cast members themselves thought their spontaneous ceremony was absolutely “perfect.” TV Insider revealed as much during their interview with the “Chicago PD” stars.

“Chicago PD’s” midseason finale finally saw closure of the Roy Walton/FBI Agent North ultimatum. After, Jay went home to Hailey with quite the proposal speech: “Marry me, now.”

Finally, after so many will-they/won’t-they moments, the pair heads to the city’s courthouse. Boasting civilian clothes, they exchanged simple wedding vows and rings.

“It really was the perfect way for that to happen,” Upton actress Tracy Spiridakos shared with the outlet. “It really stays true to those two characters.”

Likewise, Soffer shared, “It also is nice closure for the Roy storyline and North storyline. We’re over this, we’ve gotten through this, we’re still together.”

Despite many opportunities for it to happen, the actor continued, “It didn’t break us. And then to have the two characters get married, it just made sense. So I think it was good writing.”

‘Chicago PD’ Actor Explores Next Steps Following Midseason Finale

There’s no doubt that Jay and Hailey’s wedding during Wednesday night’s midseason finale marked the climax of the episode. While it definitely closes the chapter on the characters’ will-they/won’t-they situation, Jesse Lee Soffer revealed it nowhere near concludes the procedural show’s exciting events of the season.

In speaking with TV Insider, the actor revealed there is actually a lot more to come when “Chicago PD” returns to screens next month.

First, he highlighted that much of the first half of season nine focused on the Roy Walton murder. Following the closure of the FBI investigation, “Chicago PD” probably won’t spend too much time exploring it further.

Instead, Soffer said, “I think a lot of the storyline shifts to some of the other characters and what’s going on in their lives. Atwater has a relationship that he hasn’t been totally forthcoming in. [And] Ruzek and Burgess…have Makayla and they’re dealing with this interesting dynamic.”

Overall, despite the huge amount of writing and effort that went into the two characters’ storyline, there doesn’t appear to be a lack of exciting new dynamics to explore coming up. Be sure to tune in to NBC on Wednesday, January 5th to catch the last of “Chicago PD” and its sister shows.