‘Chicago PD’: Kim Burgess Star Marina Squerciati Gives Major Shoutout to Two of Her ‘Favorite’ Costars

by Shelby Scott

After so many seasons spent alongside the same costars, you’re bound to develop a close relationship with them. In the latest of “Chicago PD” love, Kim Burgess actress Marina Squerciati shared a sweet photo of two of her “favorite” costars and fans went wild in the comments.

The photo captures two other “Chicago PD” headliners and that’s Adam Ruzek actor and Hailey Upton actress, Patrick John Fleuger and Tracy Spiridakos. The two stand side by side, cold weather only slightly affecting the cast members as they don bulky jackets and gloves.

“Two of my favorite people,” Squerciati captions the photo, and fans were quick to agree in the comments.

“WHAT THE HECK HOW GORGEOUS TRACY IS,” exclaimed one of the actress’s followers. Another joked, “marina this seems unfair because they’re MY favorite people.”

Still, other fans expressed their excitement and anxiety regarding tonight’s new episode of “Chicago PD.”

“WHOS SCARED FOR CPD TONIGHT????” emphasized another Squerciati follower. Others shared, “I can’t wait ahhh so excited but nervous.”

And who can blame them? Officers Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead have hit quite the snag in their relationship this season. Additionally, we’re not even sure Halstead will remain within the “Chicago PD” unit considering the character’s current relations with Sergeant Hank Voight.

Tune in to NBC at 10 p.m. Wednesday to get the latest on all our “Chicago PD” characters.

‘Chicago PD’ Character Faces Conflict Amid Marriage Proposal

As we know, “Chicago PD” is facing a lot of internal conflict in the midst of ongoing storylines. Marina Squerciati’s character Kim Burgess is struggling with PTSD following her shooting last season. Halstead and Sergeant Hank Voight are at each other’s throats due to their different procedural methods and the murder that took place during the season eight finale.

However, beneath it all, Halstead is also struggling amid the finale’s marriage proposal, courtesy of his love interest, Hailey Upton.

While longtime “Chicago PD” fans are soon hoping for an Upstead wedding, things between the two character remain unsolved. Halstead has become suspicious of Upton’s proposal now that he’s aware of the murder and coverup that took place concerning her and Voight.

The actor shared in an interview with TVLine, “[Upton’s] acting strange,” which is never a good thing immediately following a marriage proposal. And while the proposal was out of nowhere initially, things that have transpired have caused Halstead to rethink Upton’s offer.

So, until things get resolved, both between Halstead and Voight and Halstead and Upton, I’m sure an Upstead wedding won’t be in the cards for quite a while. Check back here for all the latest “One Chicago” updates Outsiders.