‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Discusses How Atwater Needs Something ‘Away’ from Policing

by Jacklyn Krol
Barry Brecheisen, Getty Images

Why does Chicago PD character Kevin Atwater need time away from the police?

Actor LaRoyce Hawkins who portrays Kevin Atwater in the hit series spoke to TV Insider about his character’s next steps. Hawkins “absolutely” believes that Atwater has to retreat from his police duties.

“He needs something that helps him identify as something else, and that’s really his window,” he began. “Real estate is his window or his back door into the hood, so to speak, because the only reason that Atwater is still a cop at this point is because he wants to help people. He wants to serve people. He wants to serve and protect at an elevated level. That’s why being a detective would be important to him.”

He noted that another aspect of real estate could help save lives, like police work.

“Because if he gets himself in a position where he can occupy homes with Black people or anybody that would need it, where he can save lives because of what he’s able to earn and sustain and what he’s able to offer, opportunity saves lives. The same way he gave a young man the opportunity in ‘Burnside’ to make a decision. “

Kevin’s Future

The Chicago PD star said that opportunities are never clear for people who came from places like that. This is because they are either “distracted or we don’t have the resource for or nobody told us.”

“I think we create more Atwaters by giving the next generation that opportunity,” he added.

And if you’re thinking that this is just a brief storyline and we won’t get to see him in real estate action, think again.

“You’re definitely gonna see it,” he teased. “Bottom line is, he is very, very, very serious about the opportunity that he has to create more. We’ll definitely see it grow and we’ll see what he does, and we’ll see him be creative, I think, in how he does it because, yeah, it’s not connected to the cops at all.”

‘Chicago PD’ Episode 11 Recap

Season 9, Episode 11 was one for the Chicago PD history books.

As always, warning: spoilers are ahead!

Firstly, the episode entitled “Lies” was centered around Atwater. His girlfriend Celeste still didn’t know what his real job was at first. He was called into his undercover job to stop the fentanyl drug trade and overdoses. Fans then met Jimmy, his contact in the drug world. He learned that Atwater was a cop and ended up being arrested. After being released he was taken by local drug dealers.

Voight had to call his other undercover source Anna (Carmela Zumbado). Anna discovered that he stole $75,000 from another dealer. There was even a bounty on his head for his action. So then a shooting took place that left his brother Fernando, murdered.

Because Jimmy was so distraught, he kidnapped Tover, the drug dealer who killed his brother. Atwater attempted to get him to let Tover go. However, he killed Tover and was arrested for his murder.