‘Chicago P.D.’: LaRoyce Hawkins Explains Why It’s ‘Not Easy’ Portraying a Cop

by Kati Michelle

Things are heating up on “Chicago P.D.” and it looks like some of the characters are in for a world of trouble. Jason Beghe’s Voight, for example, finds himself in a bit of a pickle ahead of the fall finale dropping Wednesday, December 8th. And just how big of a pickle? Well, we’re potentially talking about an arrest.

Kim and Adam, on the other hand, seem to be doing just fine with their own steamy arc. But while fans are soaking up all the “Chicago P.D.” content they can, it’s not all glitters and rainbows for the cast. Actually, LaRoyce Hawkins just addressed one of the more sensitive subjects.

Hawkins is the man behind Officer Kevin Atwater on the hit NBC police drama. And although he loves his job and the cast dearly, LaRoyce Hawkins says it’s not easy doing what he does on “Chicago P.D.” every week. He’s talking about wearing the badge and this is what he means.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Tackles the Stories That Are Difficult to Talk About

In an interview with Shadow and Act, LaRoyce Hawkins addressed how the “One Chicago” family dives into some tricky discussions.

“Once upon a time, we got this award for the way we tackled the stories that were difficult to talk about – very sensitive topics such as sex trafficking, gang violence, drug overdoses, things of that nature. It’s not easy to tell stories in a way that the victims, the families, and people who are disconnected from it can still connect to it authentically.”

And at the end of the day, despite the backlash, this is what keeps the “Chicago P.D.” cast going.

“We take that seriously as we learned that that was something that we were good at doing, we continue to lean in, because the commitment on our end, especially as a cast and the crew is to the truth more than anything. And sometimes for some of these situations, it’s not always that black or white. Sometimes it’s a little gray and sometimes everybody’s right and nobody’s wrong. And for us, we think that tells the most authentic story.”

LaRoyce Hawkins Opens Up About How His Personal Background Relates to His Character

LaRoyce Hawkins grew up in the small Illinois town of Harvey, so that’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the “Chicago P.D.” universe. His Atwater character lived a pretty rough life early on, and Hawkins says growing up in Harvey wasn’t any easier, but this helps him understand the character.

And can we talk about the latest episodes? Sure, he’s a meme on NBC’s Instagram page now, but the series has been showcasing some seriously brilliant acting from Hawkins.