‘Chicago P.D.’: LaRoyce Hawkins Says Being From Illinois Was His Inspiration for Joining Show

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Chicago P.D. had LaRoyce Hawkins at “Chicago.”

Actor LaRoyce Hawkins was born and raised in The Windy City, and he’s famously proud of his roots. So when Dick Wolf gave him a chance to work on a show that highlights his hometown, he knew it was destiny.

As the actor shared with Parade, the fact that his character lives in Chicago was actually his initial reasoning for signing on with the show.

“To me, that was the original inspiration,” he admitted. “That was the part that made it feel like more than a job, but like an assignment, if that makes sense.”

But working in the One Chicago universe is more than just a novelty for Hawkins. It is a way to pay back his community. And he takes that responsibility very seriously.

“When I knew that I [as Atwater] was close enough to be able to connect to my hometown, the town that I think deserves just as much hope as any other neighborhood, to be in a position to be able to provide that, I think it’s a great responsibility,” he continued. “But also, I’m honored.”

“We watch people like Sidney Poitier, who came from his small town in the Bahamas, and I’m pretty sure that small town in the Bahamas has a certain pride about what they’re capable of, about how far they can go, about who they represent,” Hawkins said. “And I have the same opportunity to give to this small town outside of Chicago.”

‘Chicago P.D.’: Kevin Atwater is Living a Double Life

Season nine has been big for LaRoyce Hawkin’s Kevin Atwater. The officer has been at the center of many of the major Chicago P.D. plot lines. And it looks like things are going to get even more dramatic for him in episodes to come.

Now that the series is back from its fall hiatus, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Kevin Atwater’s double life could ruin him both professionally and personally.

The officer has recently found a new love, but she’s not a fan of the legal profession. So he’s decided to keep his badge a secret from her and keep her a secret from his colleagues.

But as LaRoyce Hawkins shared with Parade, Atwater may be able to keep up his charade for a while longer.

“I think he’s found a balance between being able to give the energy that every case needs in order to solve cases,” he admitted. “But also the balance of the energy that it also takes to save lives.”

“I think, for Atwater, he’s doing his best to find that quotient,” Hawkins continued. “Saving lives is a priority for him.”