‘Chicago P.D.’: LaRoyce Hawkins Previews More Rough Cases for Atwater

by Suzanne Halliburton

Did you catch Wednesday’s new Chicago P.D. episode? LaRoyce Hawkins’ Atwater was front and center.

In the latest installment of Chicago P.D., the Intelligence Unit was trying to take down a deadly drug dealer named Arturo Tovar who was lacing his product with fentanyl. And it was up to Atwater, who was working undercover, to turn one of the dealer’s associates into an informant.

Picking up Jimmy Chavez early in the hour was about the easiest aspect of the case for Hawkins’ Atwater.

Are more intricate cases coming on Chicago P.D.? Hawkins says yes.

“There’s definitely gonna be some rough cases,” the Chicago P.D. star told TV Insider. ” Some cases that he connects to, some cases that keep him up at night. We could definitely expect that toward the end of the season. It always feels like it comes at the perfect moment, in my humble opinion, when we run a big play around Atwater. I can’t wait for that next opportunity.”

Writers dubbed Wednesday’s episode Lies. And Atwater told a lot of them. Of course, working undercover is a lie in itself. You’re misrepresenting your identity to catch the bad guys. In this case, Atwater needed to reel in Jimmy and let him know he could either go to jail for 60 years or help him bust Tovar. Atwater used Jimmy’s brother, a budding competitor in MMA, for leverage.

Jimmy took Atwater to meet Tovar as the brother fought a match. But Atwater lost track of Jimmy and Tovar found Atwater snooping by his office. Since several other officers had Jimmy under surveillance, they saw him duck out back and steal a car. Jimmy also stole thousands of dollars in drugs from Tovar, who then put out a hit on him. Tovar’s guys went looking for Jimmy’s brother. In a struggle, the brother got shot in the gut, but he survived surgery. Jimmy thought his brother died, so he sought vengeance. Then right in front of Atwater, Jimmy shot Tovar in the head and begged Atwater to say it was self-defense.

But Chicago P.D. couldn’t just leave Atwater with that complicated mess. Atwater also was living a lie with Celeste, his girlfriend, who had no idea Atwater was an undercover cop. Celeste often railed against the police system, so Atwater didn’t want her to know what he did in real life.

Finally, Atwater told Celeste. He did so by showing her his Chicago P.D. badge. She broke up with him, but not for being a cop. She didn’t like the fact that Atwater misrepresented himself.

In an interview with CinemaBlend to preview the Chicago P.D. episode, Hawkins talked of how he was grateful for the writers who gave him such a compelling storyline.

“The double life, so to speak, of being a cop during the day and like… a man by night is interesting,” Hawkins said. “So as a storyteller, I’m excited about what we can learn from it.”