‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Revealed His Personal Priority in the Role of Atwater

by Hannah Heser

LaRoyce Hawkins reveals the main priorities for his new character in “Chicago PD”.

The effects of the Black Lives Matter movement have been felt throughout the world. Television has drastically changed the way they portray their characters and write each script. And, Hawkins wanted to help make a difference, as well.

“One of my priorities was to uplift the image of the Black man under this social unrest in a way that our audience would perceive Black life differently than the way that Fox News or the rest of the media might give it to them, but also reimagine policing in a way that I knew we had to really understand,” Hawkins said to Monsters and Critics.

The NBC cop drama aired before the George Floyd protests began in late May. It showed racial profiling by a white officer.

The show “Silence of the Night” was the season 7 finale on April 15. The production had to end early because of the pandemic taking over the world. It involved LaRoyce Hawkins character Kevin Atwater calling out Tom Doyle for racial profiling.

Atwater is no longer staying quiet about racism. He wants to make a change and create a better world.

During season 8, Atwater was getting harassed by police officers, which was led by Kenny Nolan. Not just Atwater’s career was at stake, but his life was in danger.

LaRoyce Hawkins mentioned in an interview that he has became more politically conscious on this topic. This decision helped him land the Atwater part by taking on the responsibility of the story. But, he will never be the same person he was after this.

“It doesn’t mean that the story is over,” Hawkins said.

So Many Talents For LaRoyce Hawkins

LaRoyce Hawkins isn’t just an actor. You can find him hosting ceremonies, participating in stand-up comedy or speaking to audiences through poetry. He is a very talented soul with so much coming his way.

Each of his talents combine into one and acting is where they come together. He uses everything he has to bring his characters to life.

He first started his career hosting church events, baby showers, and bachelorette parties. But, he is now one of the top hosts for crowds of thousands. The vibe will always remain the same no matter how big the event is. He inspires the audience with his fun, upbeat personality everytime.

Humor has always been one of Hawkins first loves. It marked the beginning of his successful career.

Lastly poetry is a way he can express his vibes. He continues to empower the audience by sharing the black experience hoping there will be a change one day.

This multi-talented guy is not done with his career yet. He is unstoppable.