‘Chicago P.D.’: LaRoyce Hawkins Reveals How Long Atwater Can Lie To Celeste

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Tonight’s episode of Chicago P.D. focuses on Kevin Atwater (played by LaRoyce Hawkins) and a personal relationship he started earlier on with Celeste (played by Amanda Payton). We now know that Atwater and Celeste have become a couple, but it seems that he’s hiding something from her. He still hasn’t told her the truth about his job. He knows how she feels about police, so how long can he go without telling her that he’s a cop?

“Until he can’t no more,” LaRoyce Hawkins told Parade. “And I think we see that. They catch up to each other when he sees how important it is, how lies can cost a life. It was because he had lied to Jimmy for so long, that made it hard for Jimmy to believe him later, and somebody’s life was lost because of that.” Atwater and Celeste’s relationship woes are similar to another issue he’s facing in tonight’s episode. Celeste isn’t the only person that he’s been lying to, and he sees firsthand that lying can have horrible consequences.

“And so, when he thinks about the foundation of their relationship, which involves dishonesty, he thinks about the direction that it’s going, which involves more dishonesty,” Hawkins said. “That ain’t the kind of cat that he wants to be. He wants to look himself in the mirror.” Tonight’s episode was a turning point for Atwater as he struggles to pull his personal and professional life together. The episode is appropriately named “Lies.”

Hawkins goes on to say that Atwater might be feeling a little vulnerable lately – he feels that he’s in a safe space right now. He doesn’t necessarily want to be open and share with those around him. His past mistakes have made him wary. Still, he’s looking for opportunities to grow.

Hawkins Says That Atwater is Going Through a “Complicated” Time

LaRoyce Hawkins touched upon tonight’s episode in a variety of ways. While talking to CinemaBlend, the actor mentioned that Atwater’s story is a messy one. Undoubtedly, lying to those around you proves to be a rocky ride. Especially when you get cornered at the other end of those lies. According to Hawkins, Atwater is asking himself one question amongst all of this: “Where are we?”

“So it’s like, Atwater’s starting to ask himself the question, you know, ‘Where are we?’ And if you live from where you are, and not from where you want to be, from where you thought you were, you live from an authentic place. I think he’s just being authentic to himself and doing his best, like we all are,” the actor said. Hopefully, trying to live authentically means that Atwater will be coming clean without getting hurt in the process. It’s a noble pursuit.