‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Reveals If It’s ‘Over’ for Atwater and Celeste

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

On the recent “Chicago PD”, Atwater had to face his lies and mistakes with Celeste; he’s been lying to her about being a cop the entire time they’ve been together. One of her students died while in police custody, so she has a deep hatred of cops.

Now, in episode 11, Atwater finally came clean about being a cop. Celeste was furious, and rightfully so; but, she expressed that she would have loved him anyway. She kicks him out of the apartment, and things ended on an unstable note for their relationship. Can Atwater fix his mistakes with Celeste? Or are the two done for good?

LaRoyce Hawkins, who plays Atwater, spoke with TV Insider recently. He discussed his character, and the recent episode, including that heartbreaking ending between Atwater and Celeste. When asked about whether or not it’s over, Hawkins replied, “She doesn’t say it’s over. That’s interesting.”

He then continues to discuss how Atwater can fix things. “I think this is an opportunity for Atwater to learn an important lesson,” he says, “where he can explore that space, where you ask yourself, where do we live from? And we can either live from where we want to be or from where we are. And Atwater, I think, can learn an important lesson in living from where he actually is and not from where he used to be or from where he used to understand, but what’s the reality?”

Atwater has a lot to atone for with Celeste on “Chicago PD”, and Hawkins seems to agree. He also has hope for his character, though. “I would say he dropped the ball a little bit. But if I know Atwater, he’s also one that I know you can count on to pick a ball up too,” says Hawkins.

‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Talks What He’s Most Grateful For

In conversation with CinemaBlend, LaRoyce Hawkins discussed playing Kevin Atwater, and what parts of “Chicago PD” he’s most grateful for.

“To be honest with you,” Hawkins began, “what I’m grateful for, is [Chicago PD writer] Ike Smith, who kind of accepted these ideas, grateful for Gwen Sigan for allowing us to really take Atwater’s journey into an element that it feels good to really play with. The double life, so to speak, of being a cop during the day and like… a man by night is interesting. So as a storyteller, I’m excited about what we can learn from it.”

We are certainly learning from it; Atwater especially. He’s in the proverbial doghouse now, but can he get out of it? He’s going to have to be completely honest with Celeste from now on if he wants to keep this relationship going. But, Atwater is a good guy, and he doesn’t seem to have many skeletons in his closet. I have high hopes for him and Celeste in the coming “Chicago PD” episodes.