‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Reveals the ‘Star’ of ‘One Chicago’ Universe

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

As one of NBC’s largest television franchises, it makes sense that the “One Chicago” universe has seen a vast collection of stars come and go. However, during one September interview, “Chicago PD” star, LaRoyce Hawkins revealed the real star within the “One Chicago” universe.

According to NBC affiliate, King5, the “Chicago PD” actor is actually a true Chicago native. In speaking with the outlet, Hawkins revealed his pride in spotlighting his hometown every Wednesday night. Overall, he states Chicago profiles as the true star of the network’s franchise.

“I think Chicago being the star of that universe…is my favorite part about it,” Hawkins said. Further, the “Chicago PD” star explained that because of its history, society portrays the Windy City in a certain way, with negative connotations. However, “Chicago PD’s” Officer Kevin Atwater countered that. He stated, “We have the opportunity of telling a different part of that truth.”

‘Chicago PD’ Officer Kevin Atwater Struggles with Identity

“Chicago PD” features the highlights of Chicago prominently, along with its sister shows. However, “One Chicago’s” law enforcement has also placed a heavy emphasis on police reform and current sociocultural issues.

As such, season nine of “Chicago PD” presents several challenging episodes for the NBC show’s only black officer. Most prominently, we’ve seen the character experience conflicting issues when it comes to his new relationship and his job.

For the first time in Hawkins’ career on “Chicago PD,” we’ve finally seen the character enter a steady relationship. In doing so, we’ve learned his new romantic partner is not a big fan of cops. Obviously, the fact lies in direct conflict with his career.

Most dynamically, “Chicago PD” showrunner Gwen Sigan previously shared with TVLine that Officer Kevin Atwater remains torn about several dynamic and important aspects of his life. However, the most important is obviously his self-identity.

“We’ll dive once again into his relationship with Celeste, a woman he cares deeply about but who isn’t aware he’s a cop.” In sum, the “Chicago PD” showrunner said, “Atwater’s lies put him in a tricky position–both morally and on the job.”

LaRoyce Hawkins Contributes to ‘One Chicago’ Authenticity

This season of “Chicago PD” has put a lot of emphasis on the dramatic plotline surrounding Sergeant Hank Voight and Officer Hailey Upton which kicked off in the season eight finale. However, it’s also continued an important underlying subplot surrounding the show’s dedication to realism and authenticity surrounding current events.

In speaking with the Chicago SunTimes, Hawkins’ fellow cast member, Marina Squerciati, commended both the actor and showrunners on their dedication in portraying real-life issues. Most importantly, she emphasized “Chicago PD’s” dedication to reflecting “hard topics,” despite not always doing so perfectly.

“I think that the writers giving LaRoyce this voice in order to speak to…[current] unrest is really important,” Squerciati stated. She shared that in doing so, the hit show moves away from “copaganda”-like attributes.