‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Reveals What He’s ‘Grateful’ For on Show

by Maria Hartfield

NBC’s Chicago PD is keeping fans on their toes in its 9th season. LaRoyce Hawkins plays the role of Chicago Police Officer Kevin Atwater on the show. Atwater has been leading a double life in the most recent season. Not only is he entertaining the idea of a new love interest, but he’s also looking into a new investment.

Fans can expect to see Atwater as a main focus in the next episode which will no doubt see him struggle as he navigates his double life. He will also be facing some big decisions about his future and which life he prefers to live.

We know from past episodes that many of Kevin Atwater’s relatives were in prison at some point. As a result, Kevin chooses to stay out of trouble for the most part. Throughout his life, Kevin Atwater has been the sole legal guardian to his younger siblings, Vanessa and Jordan. However, after traumatic events, he ultimately makes the decision to let the two move in with their Aunt in Texas. Overall, Atwater feels this is in their best interest and is their safest option. Regardless, Atwater keeps in contact with his siblings on a consistent basis. It’s no secret that he loves and misses them dearly.

The upcoming episode titled “Lies” doesn’t look great for Atwater. Especially if anyone remembers his last relationship with Celeste. Can Atwater properly navigate between his personal life and professional life in law enforcement?

LaRoyce Hawkens opens up about his experience on Chicago PD

In talks with CinemaBlend, Hawkins shares his honest opinion on playing Atwater and what he’s most grateful for on the show.

“To be honest with you, what I’m grateful for, is [Chicago P.D. writer] Ike Smith, who kind of accepted these ideas, grateful for Gwen Sigan for allowing us to really take Atwater’s journey into an element that it feels good to really play with. The double life, so to speak, of being a cop during the day and like… a man by night is interesting. So as a storyteller, I’m excited about what we can learn from it.”

Kevin Atwater totally missed the opportunity to tell Celeste the truth about being a cop. He had his chance directly after he overheard some of what Celeste had to say about police work. Will Atwater be able to keep up the double life he’s been leading?

It’s safe to say throughout the history of the series, working to maintain a lie never turns out well. Especially if it’s for a long period of time.

It’s going to be hard for Atwater to work on finding a place of peace between his personal life and his professional life as an officer in the Chicago Police Department.