‘Chicago P.D.’: LaRoyce Hawkins Reveals What’s Going Through Atwater’s Mind

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

This season of Chicago P.D. has brought some big storylines centered around the character Kevin Atwater, the character portrayed by LaRoyce Hawkins. And, it seems, there is a whole lot more to come, as a major secret the Chicago P.D. officer has been keeping threatens to blow things up both personally and professionally. Especially as he comes to grips with what it will take for him to balance these two roles going forward.

“I think he’s found a balance between being able to give the energy that every case needs in order to solve cases,” LaRoyce Hawkins says of Kevin Atwater in a recent interview with Parade Magazine.

“But also the balance of the energy that it also takes to save lives,” the Chicago P.D. star continues.

“I think, for Atwater, he’s doing his best to find that quotient,” Hawkins says. “Saving lives is a priority for him.”

‘Chicago P.D.’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Says Saving Lives Is the Key For His Character

The Chicago P.D. star adds that for his character, it’s the human aspect that is the most important part of the job. Atwater, Hawkins says, is more focused on saving lives than simply solving a case.

“If we can save a life within a case, then from Atwater’s heart, that’s more valuable than even solving the case itself,” Hawkins explains.

According to the Parade interview, Hawkins feels that the situation his character has found himself in recently is rooted in these feelings. Additionally, the actor notes, Kevin Atwater is trying to set an example for his team.

“He’s trying to hold on to that part of himself because we see what can happen if the case is more important than the life,” the Chicago P.D. star tells Parade.

“And I think he’s trying to hold on to that old-school way of policing,” the actor notes.

“Not even that, I guess,” he adds. “Really a new-school way of policing—the way that we can reimagine policing where the life is more important than the case.”

Additionally, the actor notes, Kevin Atwater is trying to set an example for his team.

“I think, that’s the example that he’s trying to set,” LaRoyce Hawkins explains. “Even for his team.”

This is a big part of the issues LaRoyce Hawkins says his character is facing right now as Atwater continues to begin a relationship with a woman, Celeste, who doesn’t know that he is a cop. Atwater has intentionally withheld this information from Celeste, who is portrayed by Amanda Payton since the two first met because he knows she has a distrust for law enforcement.