‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Talks Atwater’s Lies Catching Up To Him With Jimmy

by Jacklyn Krol
Barry Brecheisen, Getty Images

Chicago PD star LaRoyce Hawkins discussed Kevin Atwater’s situation with Jimmy.

In an interview with TV Insider, he spoke about the lies that Atwater told during the course of this episode and season. One of the most shocking moments during Season 9, Episode 11 was during a standoff with Jimmy, the local drug dealer and his former contact. Jimmy’s brother died in a shooting related to the fentanyl and he sought revenge. He kidnapped the killer and took him hostage. Atwater attempted to talk him down. During their conversation, he claimed that he could cover for him and say it was self defense. But was he just talking or would he have followed through?

“He wanted to think that he could,” he said of the situation. “I think Atwater kind of saw the direction it was going, which kind of broke his heart all the way up until that moment. I think he tried to hold on to what Jimmy had already let go of, by the decision he made.”

He continued, “Obviously, you have to feel like you have a chance, a fighting chance. That’s why you put yourself in that moment. That’s why you rise to that occasion because there’s a faith you have in yourself and what you’ve built and who you are and how you can save a life.”

Atwater’s Time Away From ‘Chicago PD’

Obviously, with the situation he just faced going undercover and watching multiple murders, it will take a toll on him. His personal life is also in shambles. He finally confessed to Celeste that he is a cop. She took it about as good as you would think and had him leave her apartment. She didn’t say it was over, but things don’t look good.

The Chicago PD actor “absolutely” knows that his character needs some time away from the force.

“He needs something that helps him identify as something else, and that’s really his window,” he explained. “Real estate is his window or his back door into the hood, so to speak, because the only reason that Atwater is still a cop at this point is because he wants to help people. He wants to serve people. He wants to serve and protect at an elevated level. That’s why being a detective would be important to him.”

He later added that some real estate work could help save lives, like police work. His character joined the force to save lives and help others, which he can still do in real estate.

“Because if he gets himself in a position where he can occupy homes with Black people or anybody that would need it, where he can save lives because of what he’s able to earn and sustain and what he’s able to offer, opportunity saves lives. The same way he gave a young man the opportunity in ‘Burnside’ to make a decision,” he concluded.