‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Teases ‘Very Complicated Story’ for Atwater

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Season 9 Episode 11 of “Chicago PD” drops tonight and it looks like the spotlight is on one particular character: Officer Kevin Atwater. The teaser trailer shows the drug trafficking storyline coming to a boil when Atwater needs to make a choice. Now, thanks to LaRoyce Hawkins, we’ve got some additional insight into Atwater’s headspace.

In talking with CinemaBlend, the actor dove into his character’s double-life on the show and what fans can expect as “Chicago PD” moves forward. As he describes it, Outsiders should get ready for a bumpy ride and a “very complicated story.”

The ‘Chicago PD’ Actor Says His Character is Asking This Particular Question

“Where are we?” That’s the question that LaRoyce Hawkins says his Atwater character is on a mission to answer this season. And it looks like tonight’s episode of “Chicago PD” might just investigate that iceberg a little deeper. LaRoyce tells CinemaBlend:

“So it’s like, Atwater’s starting to ask himself the question, you know, ‘Where are we?’ And if you live from where you are, and not from where you want to be, from where you thought you were, you live from an authentic place. I think he’s just being authentic to himself and doing his best, like we all are. It’s weird, man, it’s weird. But I can’t wait for the people to see ‘Lies.’ You know what I’m saying? Because we’re gonna see Atwater telling a very complicated story, and through the vision of Eif Rivera, who was a great director to work with. His vision and his style, I think, is going to add an element to the episode that everybody should truly enjoy.”

That authenticity isn’t just something that Hawkins brings to “Chicago PD,” however. This is also an area where the star practices what he preaches, especially when it comes to honoring his hometown.

LaRoyce Hawkins Believes a Big Part of Authenticity is Remembering Where You Came From

LaRoyce Hawkins says that even with all the fame that his Atwater character brought in, he never once forgot where he came from. That would be the town of Harvey, Illinois. And although the area doesn’t get the greatest reputation, he’s made it a life goal to combat that.

Here’s what he told Chicago’s WGN9 about that:

“It’s my assignment, in my humble opinion, to counter as much of that as I can.”

He also thanked his friends and family for helping him stay level-headed and grounded:

“It’s a direct result of the way I make sure I reciprocate and pour back in the same community that makes me,” he said. “The same friends and family that planted seeds in me, I take those people very seriously and I take moments seriously.”