‘Chicago PD’: Makayla’s Uncle Has Arrived, What It Means for Ruzek and Burgess

by Lauren Boisvert

There’s tragedy brewing on “Chicago PD” and it’s centering around Burgess, Ruzek, and Makayla. In the most recent episode, “Home Safe,” Makayla reveals to Burgess and Ruzek that there’s a man who comes to her school and gives her stickers. Naturally, Burgess and Ruzek rush to the school to find out more about this.

It turns out to be Makayla’s uncle. He’s filed for sole custody of Makayla, but waiting outside of her school to give her stickers doesn’t really make him seem fit to care for a child. There were so many more ways to get in touch with Makayla, like going through Burgess, or legally through the courts.

Instead, he chose to be kind of creepy and wait outside her school. That’s a little worrisome. But, he is Makayla’s blood relative, so he has rights. Could he possibly take Makayla away from Burgess and Ruzek? Right when they were figuring out their boundaries with her and what role Ruzek would have in her life.

Burgess, understandably, freaked out when she heard about the uncle filing for custody. She’s had two significant traumas in her life – losing her baby and getting shot – and now she has to gear up for a possible third. This could either push Ruzek and Burgess together or tear them apart completely. It will definitely be difficult for Burgess to deal with in the long run.

‘Chicago PD’: Burgess and Ruzek Will Take Center Stage in New Episodes

Burgess and Ruzek haven’t been in the spotlight on “Chicago PD” for a while. The big Upton/Halstead/Voight drama took up most of the first half of the season. Now, the show is back, and we’re getting into the second half of the season. Allegedly, this means more Ruzek and Burgess moments.

Aside from the issues with Makayla and her uncle, Burgess and Ruzek have their relationship to address. They’ve been off and on so many times, it’s hard to know where they stand with each other. Currently, they’re working on their boundaries, especially with Makayla; Burgess doesn’t want her to get hurt.

“They’re in such an interesting, complicated place,” showrunner Gwen Sigan told TV Line. “They’re a makeshift family. Currently platonic but there’s always that chemistry there […] It’s a unique relationship with no clear boundaries. The second section of this season really explores that territory.”

So, it seems like we’ll be focusing on Burgess and Ruzek for the foreseeable future. Their relationship has always been complicated, and it seems like it’s only getting more complicated as time goes by. When will they just admit that they work better as a couple and just get back together?

Sigan posed some questions in her interview about Burgess and Ruzek, noting, “Do they need clear boundaries? Can this family function how they want it to? What does it all mean for Makayla?”