‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Marina Squerciati Explains Why It’s ‘Impossible’ to Pick Up Roles Between Seasons

by Anna Dunn

Chicago P.D. star Marina Squerciati explained in a recent interview why its so difficult to pick up roles between seasons. Squerciati plays Officer Kim Burgess on the hit series and has done so since its start. She’s had a few non-Chicago P.D roles since the show began, but the hit series has been her main focus.

There’s a big reason for that. In an interview with Hello Magazine in september, the Chicago P.D actress talked about what it’s been like trying to find roles that have such a short timeline. Not to mention, everyone works so hard on the show that finding roles is also exhausting.

“I love theater and I was an apprentice at a festival called Williamstown so when I started P.D I had it all planned that I’d get a lead in the hiatus. But it’s impossible. My whole cast is so amazing and we give so much that we’re exhausted, and at the end we need a break. Plus, it’s hard to find a project that fits that six to seven week window!”

As far as what the Chicago P.D cast typically does on the time they have off between seasons, it seems they like to connect with family and relax.

“We all recharge in different ways,” she explained. “Vacation with family, and eat junk food and don’t go to the gym! That’s how I do it.”

While it would be nice to see Squerciati in more shows and movies, fans are more than fine just having her on Chicago P.D for now.

Fans Worry that One ‘Chicago P.D’ Actress May Leave the Show

Because the schedule for Chicago P.D and other shows like it is so intense, it’s not a big surprise when actors decide to leave the show to focus on other creative pursuits or to spend time with family. Now, Chicago P.D fans are worried that Tracy Spiridakos is leaving the show.

Tracy Spiridakos plays Hailey Upton on the show, and this year, Upton has faced a ton of hardship. She’s played a role in a major coverup and might take the fall for it. She’s currently facing immense pressure from the FBI.

A storyline like this could eventually lead to a character departure, so fans are keeping a close eye on Hailey Upton as she continues to take heat. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere soon. At least, not for the rest of the season.

Chicago P.D is a part of the One Chicago franchise, which also features Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. The three shows air new episodes in a three-hour event on Wednesday nights on NBC. If you just want to catch Chicago P.D, it airs new episodes at 10/9 central on Wednesday Nights.