‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Marina Squerciati Gives New Details on Burgess’ Recovery

by Joe Rutland

Fans of “Chicago P.D.” might be wondering how Officer Kim Burgess is doing after being shot in the Season 8 season finale.

Well, Marina Squerciati, who plays Burgess on the Dick Wolf-created police drama, offered some details on her recovery. Squerciati spoke to TV Insider about her character’s health.

“I liked that they took the time to make it a real recovery and not a superhero in that she’s really struggling,” she said. “Not just with the physical effects, but the mental effects, which is often, for what I understand, for police so much greater.”

It should be noted that Burgess leaves the hospital in Season 9’s second episode.

Squerciati has played Burgess since debuting on “Chicago P.D.” in the show’s first season. She’s also played Burgess on three other “One Chicago” franchise shows, “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” and the now-canceled “Chicago Justice.”

Burgess faces pressure from other officers to get back to work, even though she’s dealing with a lot of stress and trauma.

“I feel like people get the flu and are out of work longer than that, and she was brutally assaulted and shot twice,” Squerciati said to TVLine. “I think it’s a matter of (Officer Adam) Ruzek trying to give her the space she needs, but ultimately not giving her the time she needs to heal.”

‘Chicago P.D.’ Actress Says Playing Her Character Deals With One Thing at a Time

What does playing Burgess mean to the actress? A lot. She talked about it in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

“It’s great as an actor because you don’t have all the tools at the beginning of an episode, right?” the “Chicago P.D.” actress said. “And you’re unpacking your box and learning how to deal with each thing as it comes up.”

She said that it feels like a constant hustle for her to keep on doing her job while being a working mother. Squerciati said that she does her best to keep up with the frenetic pace.

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m doing everything kind of well — I’m not killing it [laughs]; I’m doing OK,” she said.

Squerciati Has Appeared On Three Other Shows In the ‘One Chicago’ Franchise

But the actress has appeared in two other Wolf shows from the “Law & Order” franchise in “Criminal Intent” and “SVU.”

Other TV shows on the Squerciati resume include “The Good Wife,” “Blue Bloods,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Americans.”

Back on “Chicago P.D.,” the show recently put out a clip on their Twitter account with Squerciati in action.

She’s breaking from an “attacker’s” grasp and slips away. Squerciati as Burgess quickly moves out of the frame. She does say, “Chicago P.D.! You get on the ground right now!”