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‘Chicago PD’: Marina Squerciati Appreciates Show Addressing Hard Topics Despite Not Doing It ‘Perfectly’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

As “One Chicago” fans well know, this season of “Chicago PD” has been tension-heavy. This is primarily due to the soured relationships and conflicts arising between some of our favorite officers. Ultimately, that tension only has fans further invested in the show’s major storyline right now. Now, amid ongoing struggles, “Chicago PD” actress Marina Squerciati commended the show for other reasons. She primarily focused on its efforts in addressing difficult and incredibly real social and cultural topics.

One of those main topics surrounds issues of racial profiling. As such, we’ve seen the struggles “Chicago PD’s” lone black officer, Kevin Atwater (played by actor LaRoyce Hawkins) faces as both a black man and law enforcement officer.

According to the Chicago SunTimes, “Chicago PD” critics have previously called the show television’s main purveyor of “copaganda.” Essentially, the term suggests that the NBC hit show typically depicts the city’s law enforcement officers solely as heroes.

However, according to “Chicago PD” actress Marina Squerciati, who fills the role of Officer Kim Burgess, showrunners have worked alongside actor LaRoyce Hawkins. Together, they ensure ongoing storylines and social depictions accurately represent problems and struggles currently faced in society.

The actress shared that Hawkins has been essential and vocal in making sure the storylines reflect real life. She stated, “I think that you can’t start a cop show–a Chicago cop show in a post-George Floyd world–without acknowledging it.” Squerciati explained, “I think that the writers giving LaRoyce this voice in order to speak to that part of the unrest is really important. “

She emphasized that, as a television show, “Chicago PD” won’t always get everything right. Regardless, their efforts to address law enforcement reform among current socio-cultural issues are essential.

Will Hank Voight Face Arrest in ‘Chicago PD’s’ Midseason Finale?

As Squerciati stated previously, authenticity surrounding law enforcement is essential to the success of NBC‘s “Chicago PD.” And while police reform is definitely an important highlight, “Chicago PD” has fans anxiously at the edge of our seats as we await the fate of District 21’s iconic Sergeant, Hank Voight.

Outsiders who follow the “One Chicago” series are well aware of Voight’s dark, unseemly past. Voight adopted his role in the franchise over on “Chicago Fire.” That was before starring in “Chicago PD.”

Voight’s actor, Jason Beghe, has been a mainstay within the show since its inception. Early on, Voight played “dirty cop” for quite a while within the franchise. However, since then, fans have watched as the character’s grown, developed, and reformed his ways of policing.

At the core though, Voight will always be Voight in his efforts to protect those close to him. Even if that means going to extreme efforts. One extreme saw the sergeant take the downfall for Officer Hailey Upton following the shooting of season eight’s suspect, Roy Walton. Essentially, she had shot the individual in an attempt to protect Voight. However, it was the proceeding coverup that has our unit in trouble. Immediately after, Voight took care of the body and covered up the murder.

Eight episodes into season nine, we’re hoping the midseason finale of “Chicago PD” finally provides clarity and conclusion to this major storyline. Further, we hope that, despite the odds against him, Voight manages to avoid conviction for murder.