‘Chicago PD’: Officer Torres Actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar Played Another Role on Show at First

by Shelby Scott

The “One Chicago” universe is famous for bringing back minor actors and placing them in prominent character roles seasons later. For example, before Brian Tee starred as Dr. Ethan Choi on “Chicago Med,” he had a minor role as a criminal during an earlier season of “Chicago PD.”

Fast forward to last week’s episode of “Chicago PD,” and we’ll see that Officer Dante Torres actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar found himself in a very similar situation. According to Looper, Benjamin Levy Aguilar also featured in another role on “Chicago PD” previously.

As per the outlet, Aguilar first appeared early in season seven of “Chicago PD,” starring in its premiere episode. Entitled “Doubt,” the episode sees fan-favorite duo Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton as they work to prove their sergeant, Hank Voight’s, innocence in the murder of Chicago mayoral candidate Brian Kelton.

In their efforts, they identify Franco Chavaro (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) as a suspect. Chavaro is revealed to be the owner of the gun used in the murder. In the end, Chavaro is proven innocent, as is Voight. Looper states the former’s gun had been stolen by another “Chicago PD” officer and used in the crime.

As the outlet highlights, Benjamin Levy Aguilar’s reappearance at the “Chicago PD” Intelligence Unit is rather surprising. While writers typically let multiple seasons pass before bringing back a minor actor, it’s barely been two since Aguilar played Chavaro. Perhaps it means Officer Torres will maintain a prominent role as we navigate the rest of season nine.

How the Cast of ‘Chicago PD’ Keep Things Light

Starring in a contemporary police drama can not be easy, especially given the current landscape surrounding U.S. law enforcement. There are plenty of heavy topics and issues affecting the occupation so it’s definitely necessary to keep things light when possible.

As such, two of our favorite stars revealed during a recent interview that in order to maintain a more positive atmosphere outside the realm of “Chicago PD,” many of the cast members turn to music.

Hank Voight actor Jason Beghe said of his costar Marina Squerciati, “You should see this girl dance. And sing.”

He added lightheartedly, “I think she should do a musical, frankly.”

The Kim Burgess actress confirmed her costar’s claims, revealing, “I do dance a lot.”

However, when it comes to “Chicago PD,” guest stars, the tight-knit cast tries to tone things back a little.

“I feel like the guest stars are listening to music, trying to get in it,” Squerciati said. In their interest though, she did state that they try to tone down the offscreen fun and chaos every so often. And we’re sure it’s a lot to encounter for the first time. That said, though, if Aguilar continues to appear in “Chicago PD,” maybe we’ll catch him dancing offscreen as well.