‘Chicago PD’: One Guest Star Also Starred on ‘Longmire’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

During its nine seasons airing on NBC, “Chicago PD” has seen a host of iconic and memorable guests stars join the cast for various episodes. Most recently, we’ve seen celebrity Nicole Ari Parker fill the role of District 21’s Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller. Previously, though, another famous celebrity held a recurring role on “Chicago PD” all the way back in season two. However, you might better recognize him for his role on “Longmire.”

“Chicago PD’s” central unit of responding intelligence officers has remained consistent over the last few seasons. The starring members of the unit include Sergeant Hank Voight supervising Officers Jay Halstead, Hailey Upton, Adam Ruzek, Kim Burgess, and Kevin Atwater.

But season two saw the brief appearance of Special Agent David Lang. His character only appeared in three episodes within the show. Those more eagle-eyed Outsiders may have recognized the actor as none other than “Longmire” star Bailey Chase.

According to Looper, Chase has held a variety of television and film roles over the years, although his regular role as Branch Connally in “Longmire” definitely remains one of his most memorable. His part on the Western crime drama saw the actor perform a rather impressive character arc. He began as a deputy originating from a local wealthy family. Over time, he aims to become Sheriff, although he no sooner sustains a gunshot wound working months toward recovery. Chase’s conclusion as Branch Connally comes as his character is shot and killed by his father.

Overall, his role on “Longmire” contrasts starkly to his role on “Chicago PD.” His appearance on the procedural crime show saw his character, David Lang, attempting to recruit Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) for his global task force.

‘Chicago PD’ Characters Endure Drastic Transition in Dynamic

There’s no doubt Bailey Chase’s appearance on “Chicago PD” was memorable. However, now, it’s become a thing of the past considering recent “One Chicago” events. The fact is especially true as the storyline’s feature character, Erin Lindsay, has also left the NBC show.

Here in season nine, seven seasons later, two “Chicago PD” characters expect to see a major transformation in their dynamic.

Following “Chicago PD’s” midseason finale, Jesse Lee Soffer and showrunner Gwen Sigan chatted with TV Line about upcoming storylines.

From the beginning, Hank Voight and Jay Halstead butted heads, their different policing methods coming between them. Over time, Halstead has developed a grudging respect for the older man. Meanwhile, the same seems to go in the reverse.

That said, Halstead’s relationship with Voight is sure to look different now. After all, Soffer’s character has seen an entirely different side of his sergeant following the Roy Walton murder.

For now, we await the January 5th return of the action-packed crime drama. As such, we might expect showrunners to further explore Halstead and Voight’s dynamic. Jesse Lee Soffer said as much when he stated, “Voight, who can walk in the shadows, needs somebody to pull him back.”

At that, we have his foil, Halstead, who values honesty and communication.

The midseason finale saw Halstead dip into Voight’s traditional methods, using blackmail to throw the FBI from the investigation of his unit. While it might potentially spell trouble for the character later down the line, it definitely adds another layer to his dynamic with the stone-faced sergeant.