‘Chicago PD’: One Moment Featured Erin’s Mother at Her Worst

by Jacklyn Krol

Chicago PD has its fair share of heroes and villains, however, one moment proved to be the wildest.

Despite the murderers and criminals featured in the series, it was a mother of a beloved character that proved to be the most devious. Barbara “Bunny” Fletcher, played by Markie Post was that mastermind. Her character was the mother of Detective Erin Lindsay, played by actress Sophia Bush.

Bunny was first seen in an episode called “Call It Macaroni” in season 2. She came into the show with a reputation as a quirky mother who was quite flawed and debilitated. She was responsible for Erin’s childhood delinquency and issues with the police when she was growing up. It wasn’t until Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, took Erin in with his family, that she had a sense of stability in her life. She was finally on the right track thanks to him.

It wasn’t until long that Bunny began to show up in her daughter’s life as an adult. She ended up taunting her about her father’s identity and even coerced her into drinking again after she was fighting her alcoholism. Despite these terrible actions that no person, let alone mother, should do, this wasn’t the worst of the worst.

The Season 4 episode “Fork In The Road” was Bunny’s finale in the series. And boy did she have quite the send-off. She called her daughter frantically to say that her boyfriend had been shot while also claiming that she was not the shooter. Johnny died and Voight discovered evidence that makes Bunny guilty of his murder. Of course, she was responsible and made her daughter’s Chicago PD team uncover the truth.

‘Chicago PD’ Making History

Chicago PD has quite the legacy among fans. The One Chicago franchise creator Dick Wolf thought that one of his characters was the first to accomplish a unique feat but in reality, she is on the short list of a handful of characters who have accomplished this.

Detective Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, was able to do something that not many actors can say. Her character not only appeared on Chicago Med and Chicago Fire like other crossover characters in the franchise, but also bounced networks. So how did this work? Wolf created the FBI franchise for CBS and had her appear as her character in a 2020 episode.

He made the big announcement in 2019 and planned to do the crossover with one of his NBC shows, it eventually turned out to be Chicago PD. The decision was on what story made the best plot and the most sense.

Wolf told Variety that the cross-network crossover was his idea. “CBS and NBC both want to do it – whether they can figure it out is above my pay grade,” he said. Per the AV Club, he said at that time that “to my knowledge, it has never been done.”

Although it hasn’t happened often, it has previously taken place on occasion. The character of The Flash, which was featured on his The CW series also appeared on Supergirl which was on CBS. Lucifer from the DC universe appeared on Fox, Netflix, and The CW. Finally, The Practice and Ally McBeal on ABC and Fox crossed over in 1997. It wasn’t the first but it is quite the rarity.