‘Chicago PD’: One Star Got Their Start on ‘Shameless’ Early in Their Career

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

“Chicago PD” inches closer and closer to its dozen-season-mark every day, establishing itself as one of the leading shows on the NBC network nowadays. Many faces have come and gone through the years, like Antonio Dawson Actor Jon Seda and leading lady Sophia Bush. The latter was an especially big blow to the series with Sophia Bush switching over to the CBS network. Here, she joined a medical drama that puts her in a position competing with her prior “One Chicago” co-stars from “Chicago Med.” Fans also remember actress Lisseth Chavez. They’ve been missing her Officer Vanessa Rojas character for a while.

The writers completely phased out Lisseth’s character going into the eighth season of the show without so much as a goodbye. But if fans thought the actress looked familiar as she entered the series, there might be a reason. Chavez actually earned a spot on a Showtime favorite early on in her career. She appeared on none other than “Shameless” for one episode.

The ‘Chicago PD’ Star Once Took on the Role of Debbie Gallagher’s Bully

Long before joining the cast of “Chicago PD” as Officer Vanessa Rojas, Lisseth Chavez made appearances in several other works. These include the reality show “True Beauty,” supernatural comedy “Lucifer,” medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” and the hit procedural “S.W.A.T.” Somewhere in the mix she also took on a one-episode slot on Outsider-favorite, “Shameless.”

She joined the fifth season for an episode titled “Crazy Love” as a character named Marita. This character wasn’t exactly a nice one and actually saw Chavez as a high school bully. Like several of the other characters in the world of “Shameless,” she carried a chip on her shoulder and an iffy past.

Marita often referred to Debbie Gallagher as “Deadly Debbie” along with the rest of the kids at school and it looked like the conflict might continue to escalate. However, Chavez only made a single appearance on the show, and writers seemed to drop the storyline from the continuing plot.

Where Is She Now?

If you’re wondering what the “Chicago PD” alum is up to now, you’re not alone. She recently announced some exciting news and revealed a brand new starring role. It involves the CW series titled “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” Taking on the role of Esperanza AKA “Spooner,” Chavez entered the series during its sixth season.

Chavez shared a snap from the set of her new project smiling next to her new co-stars. Another familiar face you might recognize here belongs to Wentworth Miller of “Prison Break.”

Check it out:

Her current show “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” airs on The CW network on Wednesdays at 8/7c.