‘Chicago PD’: One Thing About Show’s Costumes Is a Head Scratcher

by Shelby Scott

As we know, “Chicago PD” is one of three shows that make the “One Chicago” franchise the success it is. Much of that success is dependent upon dynamic storylines and talented cast members and showrunners. However, costume design also plays a major role in making the NBC show as successful as it’s been.

According to Looper, costume designer Susan Kaufmann has cast her trained hand in creating hundreds of wardrobe assets across the “One Chicago” franchise. Most of those visual attributes add to the reality of “Chicago PD.” Interestingly though, despite her talents, one costume choice has Outsiders scratching our heads.

Obviously in law enforcement, there are bound to be times when wearing a bulletproof vest is non-negotiable. However, what creates the essence of “Chicago PD” is Hank Voight and his team are members of District 21’s intelligence unit. In this capacity, our beloved officers would more frequently serve Chicago’s police in a less confrontational way. The unit would theoretically only gather and analyze information, later contributing to the success of investigations from behind the scenes.

More specifically then, their job on “Chicago PD” entails investigating crime scenes, speaking with witnesses, and identifying potential suspects. In reality, the actual busts and threatening encounters come courtesy of a different sect of law enforcement officers. Therefore, there’s no doubt the bulletproof vests add to the dynamism of “Chicago PD.” Unfortunately, though, it detracts from the hit show’s authenticity.

One ‘Chicago PD’ Character Faces a Difficult Ultimatum

Wardrobe aside, this season of “Chicago PD” has been incredibly tense. One major storyline originated during the season eight finale. Several episodes later, it continues to headline the majority of subplots that have taken place so far.

It’s been eight episodes since Hank Voight and Hailey Upton shot, killed, and covered up the murder of Roy Walton. Now, the FBI has begun an investigation into the case. As such, several of our favorite “Chicago PD” officers are in trouble.

Over the course of this season, Outsiders have questioned which of the show’s characters will take the fall for the suspect’s murder. While Officer Hailey Upton pulled the trigger, Hank Voight helped cover up the murder, burning the body. Soon enough, Jay Halstead found out the truth behind the suspect’s killing. Since then, it has caused the character to become entirely doubtful regarding his trust in Voight. However, he’s also become suspicious of Upton.

Now, his character faces a major problem that has ultimately linked him to the crime as well.

During the FBI’s investigation, Halstead was approached by FBI Agent North, who came with a serious threat. “Option one: I arrest you and Hailey. I promise you I will make the case.” Obviously option one sounds none too appealing.

“Or option two: you help me take down the man I really want. Hank Voight.”

Despite their issues this season, Voight and Halstead have developed a strange yet dynamic and successful method of working together. After so long remaining suspicious of Voight, the younger officer previously gained immense respect for the sergeant, despite his non-traditional police work.

Hopefully, we get some answers before the midseason finale leaves us in the dark and at the edge of our seats.