‘Chicago PD’ Star Patrick John Flueger Opened Up on Learning from Cast Alum Mykelti Williamson

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to a level of respect, Chicago PD star Patrick John Flueger has a lot of it for former cast member Mykelti Williamson.

Flueger, who plays Officer Adam Ruzek in the Dick Wolf-created police drama, talked about Williamson in a 2017 interview with One Chicago Center. Williamson played Lieutenant Denny Woods, a former partner of Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe.

“He’s a really nice man,” Flueger said of Williamson. “We’ve become good pals, I think. And he’s such a nice guy, he’s so easy to talk to. He’s pretty celebrated in our industry.

“He’s so talented,” the Chicago PD star said. “I was always taught that you’re only as good as the person across from you, when it comes to acting. Being in scenes with him, it just elevates everything about the scene.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star Said He Learned A Lot From Williamson in 2017 Interview

Flueger said that he feels like he learns a lot from Williamson. “Just watching him, working with him, and then talking to him,” he said. “He’s a talented guy.

“He’s so generous and kind about sharing those talents,” the Chicago PD star said. “Sharing his knowledge with the younger actors around him. It’s been a real treat. I feel blessed that they chose me to have this storyline with him.”

Flueger remains a vital part of the Chicago PD world and has been on the show since its first season. Outsiders, make sure and set a reminder to catch him and his castmates on Wednesdays on NBC.

Williamson has appeared in movies like Fences, Forrest Gump, Free Willy, and The 24th. Other TV work includes Starsky & Hutch, The Love Boat, China Beach, the TV movie 12 Angry Men, Boomtown, and 24.

Flueger Called Fighting Costar LaRoyce Hawkins ‘Really Not Fun’

Flueger gets along really well with costar LaRoyce Hawkins. But the acting world sometimes calls for uncomfortable actions to happen.

Such was the case in Season 8 when Ruzek and Atwater had a dust-up.

Flueger talked about it with Starry Constellation Magazine. 

In Season 8 on Chicago PD, a white officer shot an African American man. What happened next would push Atwater and Ruzek apart. It took them some time to work through issues.

As for Season 9, they are back to being buddies. Flueger admitted that fighting with LaRoyce Hawkins was “really not fun.”

Flueger said he needed to stay away from Hawkins. Why? He didn’t know how to fake being mad at him.

“I can’t stay mad at the guy in my normal life,” he said. “And I can’t not goof around with the guy.”

Hawkins is the last person Flueger wants to fight on the Chicago PD set.