‘Chicago P.D.’: Patrick John Flueger Teased Atwater’s Newfound Romance Before Season Began

by Shelby Scott

The latest episode of “Chicago P.D.” debuts Wednesday. However, previously, Patrick John Flueger (Adam Ruzek) revealed that his fellow officer Kevin Atwater, played by LaRoyce Hawkins, would develop quite the romantic partnership in season nine.

In a virtual interview with Starry Constellation Magazine, the “Chicago P.D.” actor previously revealed some pretty intimate details as to what to expect surrounding Officer Atwater’s love life. He shared, in episode five, “Royce really takes a front seat and he meets a young woman that…came in and just absolutely killed it.”

Flueger further specified, “[He] starts to develop a relationship with her, she’s not a fan of cops so he plays his job a little close to the vest.” And as we’ve seen so far, the dynamic puts a unique spin on the show and on Atwater as a police officer. The woman’s sentiments causes Atwater to question both his thoughts surrounding police brutality and racial profiling.

On a less serious note, Flueger contributed, “I’m excited to see Royce have…a little action, you know what I mean?” He continued, “Come on, he’s a suave, handsome man; we need to give him a gal to hang out with.”

And so far, that relationship has seemed to play off really well for “Chicago P.D.”

Hopefully, we see more of that development into the rest of the season.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Actors Share Genuine Friendship Off-Screen

As is clear above, two of our favorite “Chicago P.D.” actors share quite a genuine friendship. That friendship, of course, permeates both on and off the screen. The above segment saw our Ruzek actor standing by this season’s latest romantic development. However, the pair found themselves in quite a complicated situation last season.

Season nine has seen Ruzek and Atwater move past their season eight confrontations. However, that’s not to say that the playing out of those scenes goes unforgotten.

Season eight saw the death of a black man at the hands of a white police officer. The incident is something that frequently occurs in our contemporary world and was important for NBC‘s iconic cop show to forefront. Following the incident, Ruzek and Atwater, best friends on “Chicago P.D.” and just as close off the screen, became entwined in an incredibly difficult, often uncomfortable, feud.

Of those fights and intense situations between himself and LaRoyce Hawkins, Flueger revealed that filming those scenes was “not fun.”

The actor shared that while both men were keenly aware the fighting was fictional, both were forced to channel negative energy to truly make those scenes appear genuine. Even worse, the “Chicago P.D.” actor admitted at first, he had to avoid Hawkins because he couldn’t figure out how to fictionally stay angry at him.

“I can’t stay mad at the guy in my normal life,” Flueger shared with Starry Constellation Magazine. “It wasn’t easy.”

Fortunately, the two have endured in their friendship, both on the set of “Chicago P.D.” and within the show itself.