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‘Chicago PD’: Ruzek Wants to Know Where He Stands

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

Ruzek and Burgess are at a weird place in their relationship on “Chicago PD” where they can’t even really call it a relationship at all. As Ruzek says, “I’m just a backup plan who sleeps on your couch.”

In a scene from a recent episode, Ruzek confronts Burgess on why he wasn’t on any of Makayla’s adoption papers. This is a tough one for Burgess, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. But Ruzek insists. Burgess says, “I think it would be better if we had more boundaries with Makayla.”

Burgess’ reasoning is that Ruzek could “meet someone, fall in love, and want a family of your own.” She doesn’t want Makayla to get hurt if suddenly Ruzek isn’t around as much. But Ruzek calls her out on it. “Everything that you just said to me is true for you too,” he says. She could also meet someone, and ask Ruzek to move out. But the fact that she didn’t include herself in that statement leads me to believe she still has feelings for Ruzek.

They certainly didn’t have any boundaries when Makayla’s uncle was meeting her at school and giving her stickers through the fence. They both rushed to the school to investigate. And I guarantee Ruzek is going to be right by Burgess’ side when it comes time for custody hearings.

So far, they’re not doing great with the whole boundaries thing. If they really wanted boundaries, Ruzek wouldn’t be living with Burgess. They would either get together or firmly break it off. This waffling back and forth between a relationship and not is getting kind of old. They need to figure it out, for Makayla’s sake at least.

‘Chicago PD’: The Cast on Why Atwater Would Make the Best Detective

On One Chicago Day last year, the cast of “Chicago PD” spoke to CinemaBlend about who should make detective next. Unanimously, the answer was Kevin Atwater.

LaRoyce Hawkins spoke about his character, and why he deserves the title. “I think Atwater’s ambition is to make detective for a few reasons. And I think one of them is because of the odds that he’s had to face. You know, I think it would be a powerful accomplishment for him. I think when he made the decision to continue to be the police, even after all that he’s been through, is not just so he can stay on patrol,” said Hawkins.

He continued, “It’s so that he can continue to put himself in a space where he can make more of a change. And naturally, being a detective, I think puts him in the perfect pocket to add more purpose to his job,” Hawkins continued. “And moving forward, I think as a detective, he’ll be able to, you know, he might take it one position at a time. But I think I got a strong argument for Atwater to be a detective soon.”