‘Chicago PD ’ Showrunner Talks Challenges Halstead and Upton Will Face as Partners and Newly Weds

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Though things got rocky for Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton this season on Chicago PD, the couple managed to remain strong. And on the mid-season closure last week, the two dashed off to the courthouse to say “I do.”

But don’t think that the nuptials will end in marital bliss. Like most couples, the Upstead union isn’t exactly perfect. However, it’s particularly hard for them due to some major drama that began last season.

When season 8 wrapped up last May, Hailey was in the middle of covering up a murder with Hank Voight. And Hailey didn’t tell her then-boyfriend about the situation until after they were engaged.

When Hailey finally fessed up, it not only caused trust issues between her and Jay, but it also dragged Jay into the mess. And he had to battle with his conflicted moral compass while deciding if he should work with the feds on the case.

Jay Halstead Blackmailed the FBI to Keep Upton and Voight out of Trouble

Halstead decided he didn’t want to ruin his future wife’s career by turning in Voight. However, the FBI threatened to go after Halstead if he didn’t work with them. But in the end, Halstead managed to dig up some dirt on the lead agent. And he told that agent that if he tried to bring down his fellow officers, he’d bring the agent down, too.

So the FBI decided to drop the investigation. And the elated Chicago PD couple headed to the alter.

But a marriage license isn’t going to make all the drama just disappear. And if the couple thinks that becoming man and wife will solve their problems, they’re in for a huge disappointment.

As Chicago P.D. showrunner Gwen Sigan told TVLine, Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead have a lot of work to do if they’re going to make their new marriage last.

“The truth about them, and any relationship, is that the ring doesn’t take away any complications/issues that are already there,” she shared. “These two have always been complicated — very much in love but also very different people. They each have flaws of their own, and we will continue to explore them.”

‘Chicago PD’ Stars Talk About the Upstead Wedding

On December 8th, the One Chicago world was embroiled in drama. Because of a murder cover-up, Jay Halstead, Hank Voight, and Hailey Upton’s careers and freedom were at stake.

But everything turned out well for the officers (for now). And at the end of the episode, Jay and Hailey took their relationship to the next level by saying “I do.”

During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Upstead actors Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos were hopeful that the union is the beginning of a happier chapter for the couple.

“I feel like the relationship was so fractured for a little while,” said Spiridakos, “and this moment was a moment between them to kind of just show that we’re in this together, we can get through this together.”

“I also think it was a closure to the whole Roy storyline, the North storyline, the FBI coming after them. And that this could be the dissolution of the unit,” Soffer added. “And to put it all to bed, it’s like the next logical step is closure. Let’s move on. Let’s move past this. The next thing that’s in our lives is this.”