‘Chicago PD’: Sophia Bush is Missing Her ‘Girl’ in New Photo Update

by Maggie Schneider

The “Chicago PD” actress shares an adorable polaroid of her best friend. We give Maggie and her owner two paws up!

“Chicago PD” alum Sophia Bush has remained busy since her departure from the show. She is an actress, activist, and podcast host! Most recently, the star announced her starring role in the new CBS series “Good Sam.” Social media is where fans keep up to date with the star and all of her projects. She also posts more personal life updates on her Instagram.

Yesterday, Bush shared a sweet polaroid photo of her dog Maggie (great name choice, if I say so myself). The picture is a double exposure, which means that one image overlays another. There are two pictures of Maggie on this one polaroid due to the film’s repeated light exposure. It looks really cool, and the pup is adorable.

Sophie Bush captions the post “Double trouble” and goes on to say that she misses her little family.

“Missing my girl. And her photographer,” she says. The photographer she writes about is her partner Grant Hughes. The couple got engaged in August 2021 on a romantic trip to Italy. He is an entrepreneur and outdoors lover, in addition to being a dog dad. His sweet comment on her post has fans swooning.

“@maggiethedog misses you so! she tells me every day. and I do too! but I at least get to tell you every day”

‘Chicago PD’ Star’s Maggie The Dog Is an Internet Sensation

Nowadays, many celebrities make Instagram profiles for their pets. I myself love seeing the everyday lives of these animals. Sophie Bush brings some light to her fans’ feeds with the account she posts on for her pup Maggie.

Maggie is what Bush calls a “Super Mutt,” combining the Deerbat, Husky, and Chow Chow breeds all into one. With only 10 posts and over 14,000 followers, fans of the “Chicago PD” alum are obsessed with Maggie’s cuteness. Bush also combines her love for her dog with an important message: #AdoptDontShop.

Maggie was a homeless animal before being adopted by the actress. The #AdoptDontShop campaign encourages prospective pet owners to rescue an animal from a shelter, rather than buying one online or at a pet shop. There are millions of homeless animals living in shelters that are in need of forever homes. Bush promotes the cause by including the hashtag slogan in most of her posts about Maggie.

Although Sophia Bush’s time on “Chicago PD” is long over, fans are happy to see the actress living her best life on social media. The more Maggie updates there are, the better our feeds are looking!