‘Chicago P.D.’: Sophia Bush Showcases Her ‘Fall Joy’ in Gorgeous New Video

by Keeli Parkey

Based on a recent social media post, it appears that a former “Chicago P.D.” star is living her best fall life.

That star is 39-year-old actress Sophia Bush. As fans of the series are aware, she played the character of Erin Lindsay. And on Tuesday, Nov. 9, the actress shared a video of the fun she recently had on an absolutely beautiful fall day. Along with the video, Bush shared a few details about how her special day came to be.

“I got so lucky yesterday. The gals finished work before the sun went down, and we hopped in the car and went to explore a new part of the city,” the former “Chicago P.D.” star shared on Instagram.

Next, Sophia Bush shared just a few of the things that make this time of year so special to her. “These leaves! This waterfront! The fresh air and the (ladybugs) everywhere!?” she also posted.

According to the actress, her day with “the gals” was very special. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to experience the beauty of the fall season and take a break from the stresses of life. Also, luckily for Bush – and her social media followers and fans – her fun fall adventure was captured on video.

“My heart feels so full. And to top it all off @skyepmarshall made a video of my fall joy. Can you even!? This was a great reminder, for me, that even if you get an hour or two of unexpected time you can make the most of it. And have an adventure you won’t soon forget!  #makingmemories  #sisterfriend  #partnerincrime,” the “Chicago P.D.” alum also shared.

You can check out the video Sophia Bush shared below. Be warned – it will probably make you want to go out and rake some leaves and jump into the pile.

Friends Comment on Former ‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Sophia Bush’s Recent Fall Video

This Instagram post by Sophia Bush received many positive comments. One of those came from Skye P. Marshall – the creator of the video and an actress.

“A memory I’ll forever cherish. … Your joy beaming like a little girl so bright, that I had to sneak and capture a few moments in real time. Let’s keep creating more of these moments my dearest,” Marshall commented.

Debra Messing, another popular actress who is known for her work in “Will and Grace,” also commented on the fall post shared by the former “Chicago P.D.” actress. Messing summed up the scenes Bush shared in the video with one word: “Heaven.”

Another friend who shared a positive comment on Bush’s post was Instagram user kennyjamez. “Aw love this. Miss you!” he shared.

The post was also popular with other Instagram users. Five hours after it was posted it had received more than 45,000 likes.