‘Chicago PD’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Opens Up About Halstead’s Dynamic With Voight

by Lauren Boisvert

Halstead’s dynamic with Voight has definitely changed after this experience on “Chicago PD.” He might not be as trusting with Voight as he once was. Both Halstead and Upton were always ready to butt heads with Voight, but now Halstead may be a little more cautious, more watchful around Voight. What does this whole Roy Walton fiasco mean for Halstead and Voight’s relationship?

Jesse Lee Soffer and “Chicago PD” showrunner Gwen Sigan spoke to TV Line about the show, and the consequences the characters will have to face going forward.

When asked about the power dynamic between Halstead and Voight, Sigan replied, “We saw Jay get to a very empowered place. Through his struggle, he came out with a new understanding and a new way to work with Voight that felt acceptable in his head for the heavy cost he paid this episode.”

A heavy cost indeed. There’s a possibility that the guilt of blackmailing Agent North will come back to haunt Halstead. He’s not used to dealing with things in this way; now he has to if he’s going to keep Voight in line.

Jesse Lee Soffer also weighed in on his character and Voight’s. “I do think that Jay has been through so much and learned so many lessons. He’s not a young detective anymore who makes irrational, brash decisions. He’s a seasoned veteran and a great foil to Voight’s character.” Halstead is the direct opposite of Voight’s character; specifically, where Voight toes the line of shady dealings, Halstead is honest and values communication.

“Voight, who can walk in the shadows,” Soffer continued, “needs somebody to pull him back. I think it was a logical next step for the two.”

‘Chicago PD’: What’s Next After the Winter Finale?

“Chicago PD” is taking a little break before coming back in the new year. Jesse Lee Soffer gave fans a hint as to what they can expect from the second half of the season.

“We spent so much time in the first part of the season doing the Roy and North storyline,” Soffer said in conversation with TV Line, “that after that storyline is over, I think a lot of the storyline shifts to some of the other characters and what’s going on in their lives. Atwater has a relationship that he hasn’t been totally forthcoming in. Ruzek and Burgess have Makayla and they’re dealing with this interesting dynamic.”

As for Ruzek and Burgess, in a promo for the next episode, Burgess says that she wants more boundaries with Makayla. Ruzek has been taking on a parental role, but he and Burgess aren’t dating. Burgess is worried that might negatively affect Makayla if Ruzek meets someone. We’ll have to wait for the next episode of “Chicago PD” to see how this is resolved.