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‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jon Seda Opens Up About Working With His Children

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Chicago P.D. actor Jon Seda is quite proud of his family. During an interview with Steve Harvey, that became sweetly obvious.

Seda, Patrick John Flueger, and Jesse Lee Soffer stopped by in 2015 to appear on The Steve Harvey Show.

As the interview goes on, Flueger said, “All the kids are great. Jon Jr. works with us.”

“They got to earn their keep,” Seda, who played Antonio Dawson for six seasons on Chicago P.D., said. “My son’s my stand-in on the show. My daughter guest-starred in one of the episodes last year.”

Harvey asks if that’s true and Seda confirms it. Flueger, who plays Officer Adam Ruzek, chimes in with a compliment.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Star’s Co-Star Pays Solid Compliment About Seda’s Son

He said that Jon Jr. could play the Dad is the star of the show card and go back to their trailer. But he doesn’t do it. Flueger said that the son will do what other stand-ins for Chicago P.D. do.

“They work really well together,” he said. “It’s impressive.”

“I have an amazing family,” Seda said. “My youngest she’s a musician who plays guitar. My other daughter Hailey that guest-starred on the show, she’s in a performing arts school.”

As a collage of family pictures is on the screen, Seda said that his wife makes it all work together. He adds that they don’t work apart and that it doesn’t work well when apart.

Take a look at their interview from The Steve Harvey Show.

Flueger Reveals What ‘Crazy Thing’ Show Did For Season 9

Usually, TV shows have an order for episodes in which scenes will be filmed. Chicago P.D. is no different.

But there was something the show did for Season 9. Chicago P.D. threw the episode order out the window this year.

This left Flueger to call the current season’s premiere “crazy.”

“I didn’t actually find this out in the first episode, which was actually the second episode,” Flueger told Starrymag. “We shot the second episode before we shot the first episode. I feel like nobody knows that, and it’s a crazy thing that we did.”

Pflueger added some additional insight to Season 9. Chicago P.D. has taken a season-by-season approach to tone and theme. There is a different point of emphasis when the show returns. Since we are talking about police work, then there’s no shortage of material to explore.

“We kind of have themes every season,” Pflueger said. “One season was ‘reform.’ And this season is ‘home,’ these guys trying to make themselves better lives outside of work, you know? So coming in and having that described to me has really influenced how I approach the scenes this year, how I approach the character this year.”