‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins on What All Fans ‘Want’ for His Character

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2020)

Nobody likes a liar, but fans of Kevin Atwater on “Chicago PD” might be an exception. The star behind the character, LaRoyce Hawkins shared the possibilities for Atwater in a recent interview.

Hawkins’ character has certainly taken a new direction this season. The newest episode will put all eyes on Kevin Atwater as he takes front and center. In the January 12 episode “Lies”, Atwater once again has to make a choice. The cop continues to be pulled in different directions with his romantic life and his professional life. It’s a decision he can’t put off forever, but is Atwater ready to be honest with his lady?

Previously, Kevin Atwater’s love interest Celeste had some things to say about the police force. He had the perfect opportunity right then to tell her that he’s a cop himself but stayed quiet about it. Now, fans of the show are eager to see if he’ll continue to dig a deeper hole. On the contrary, it could be interesting to watch how he finds a way out of the mess he’s created. 

Kevin Atwater’s Future on ‘Chicago PD’ Remains Unclear

The show’s history shows that typically no character gets to keep up any sort of lie for long. While in a perfect world Atwater would be able to balance the two and continue juggling his double life, it’s unclear if that’s a real possibility or not. It’s proven to be tough over and over for Atwater to continue making such difficult choices. 

LaRoyce shares his thoughts on what he thinks the chances are of things working out for Atwater’s balancing act this time around in an interview with Cinema Blend. “Do I think there’s a chance? I do, but I think it’s really up to Atwater and the choices that he makes. You know what I’m saying? And I think that’s what makes it interesting, is the fact that he does have a chance. I think we all kind of see it in him. I think we all kind of want it for him, but Atwater’s got to make the right decisions,” he shares. 

The star continues,  “Atwater has to navigate it a certain way in order for us to get what we want for him. You know, I think one of the things that I’m learning through Atwater, what I learned through these cases – and, you know, we always misdirect the case, when we take the case from where we want it to be, or where it was, and we have to meet it where it is.”

Watch the Drama of ‘Lies’ Unfold Tonight

Fans are eager to see what choices Atwater will make in the “Lies” episode, and what it will mean for the fate of his relationship. Will Celeste even be affected by the choices he makes? It’s not impossible for Atwater to continue on the way he has, but it all comes down to how he plays his cards. 

You can find out for yourself how it all unfolds by watching the new “Chicago PD” episode tonight on NBC. If streaming services are more your speed, you can stream the episode via Hulu or Peacock.