‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Opens Up About Unit’s ‘Dirt’

by Megan Molseed

During Chicago PD’s ninth season on the air, viewers have seen quite a few exciting storylines emerge. These storylines emerge as some of our favorite characters face quite a few obstacles, both professionally and personally.

Among these storylines is that of Chicago PD officer Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins). As the season continues, the officer will be facing quite a few secrets.

At the end of popular drama’s eighth season, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) tracked down a man who had greatly harmed one of their own. In the confrontation, the duo kills the criminal. The pair then decide to cover up the murder in the Chicago PD eighth-season finale.

Now, as the series continues into its ninth season, LaRoyce’s Atwater will be facing the potential fallout from the actions of Voight and Upton.

“He doesn’t know exactly what yet,” Hawkins tells TVInsider in a recent interview.

“But there are familiar feelings of secrecy and intensity that he’s noticing between people in his unit that he doesn’t know how to define yet,” the actor adds.

“The things that he’s investing in have nothing to do with that,” the Chicago PD star adds of his character. “Just in case he can’t be seen with these people.”

Hawkins goes on to add that each one of the members on the force likely holds their own secrets.

“We got our dirt,” the actor explains “We are not a clean unit.”

One ‘Chicago PD’ Player Faces Some Big Issues As Season Nine Continues

In addition to dealing with the dirt that his fellow Chicago PD officers are holding onto, Hawkins’s character will be facing quite a few challenges going forward. This comes especially as a new person enters Atwater’s life.

In the recent episode Burnside, Hawkins’s Atwater meets a woman named Celeste (Amanda Payton).

However, the veteran officer wasn’t exactly forthcoming about his profession to Celeste.

Now it seems as if the officer’s secrets will be coming back to haunt him.

“We’ll dive once again into his relationship with Celeste, a woman he cares deeply about,” explains Chicago PD showrunner Gwen Sigan. “But who isn’t aware he’s a cop.”

The showrunner adds that Kevin Atwater will be featured in some “powerful” episodes as the NBC series’s ninth season continues in 2022.

Chicago PD fans know that the officer has traditionally been fairly unlucky in love. So, viewers are certainly intrigued as Atwater deals with the new – and very complex – relationship with Celeste.

“It’s quite a dilemma for him and also explores some deep territory Atwater’s been dealing with this season,” Sigan says.