‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Reveals What Fans Can Expect on This Week’s Episode

by Chris Haney

As fans gear up for another episode of Chicago PD tomorrow night, actor LaRoyce Hawkins recently opened up about what you can expect from this week’s show.

We’re right around the corner from Wednesday’s episode of the hit NBC drama. And Hawkins, who stars as Officer Kevin Atwater, revealed numerous details about the Oct. 20 episode. The actor is in his ninth season of the popular show based on Chicago’s police force. As a longtime cast member, his story arc has taken him from a patrol officer to the department’s elite Intelligence Unit.

Yet one thing lacking in the Chicago PD star’s personal story has been a love interest in recent seasons. In fact, it’s been three years since Officer Atwater’s last serious romantic relationship. But the streak seems to be coming to an end in Episode 5 tomorrow night.

Hawkins spoke more about his love life on the show with TV Insider. The NBC drama typically tells stories of in-house relationships between officers. However, it sounds like the show is taking Atwater’s love story out of the precinct this time around.

“You’ll see something unique from the type of love that we’ve told about historically. Most of the love that that we see is blue, between partners,” Hawkins explained to TV Insider. “It feels something like a crisis bond naturally between one cop to another, which obviously our audience loves. And obviously we know how to do that very well. But this is something different. This love isn’t blue at all. It’s very Black and it’s layered.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star Talks About the Importance of Creating an Authentic Chicago Love Story

As the Chicago PD star continues, he addresses how important it is to the show to represent the nuances of Chicago as a city. The NBC drama wants to bring Chicago’s culture and community to your TV screen in a very real and authentic way. One of those ways is presenting Officer Atwater’s new relationship through the lens of an inner-city community like Burnside.

“[It has] nuances that I think Chicago culture will appreciate, how we meet each other. The art of Chicago stepping is introduced in a way that that part of the Chicago community should truly, truly appreciate. And then the other parts that don’t know anything can start to tap in and will learn,” Hawkins said. “Protest art, art by young artists, all of these different layers really make up what Atwater and Celeste [Amanda Payton] have to talk about. That’s the foundation of the origins of their love. Even community, especially community, representing a community like Burnside that can feel like a tale of two cities, all of that is just going to be real dope and different.”

While Atwater’s team investigates a shooting death in Burnside, Hawkins’ relationship with Celeste becomes personal. Yet she doesn’t realize that Atwater is a police officer like the trailer previews. As the officer presses Celeste to find out who murdered the victim, things clearly become complicated for Atwater.

“We find ourselves discovering how difficult it is to be a Black cop in the city of Chicago. I know that’s the story that we wanted to tell,” Hawkins adds. “We wanted to unpack those foils in a way that we won’t be able to forget them. In a way that it’s like, wow, this is difficult morally, mentally, physically. It can take a toll on you. Atwater’s an example of that difficulty.”