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‘Chicago PD’ Star Patrick John Flueger Returning to Former Show, What Does This Mean for Adam Ruzek?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“The 4400” is returning with a new series, and “Chicago PD” star Patrick John Flueger is returning as well. Previously, on the original USA Network series, he played Shawn Farrell; Shawn was not originally supposed to be one of the 4400, but rescued his cousin from being abducted and took his place. His abduction resulted in him later possessing healing powers.

But, this time on the show, Patrick John Flueger won’t be reprising his role as Shawn. He has signed on to play a guest role, a character named Caleb. It’s currently unclear how this character fits into the story, but it has something to do with the past abduction.

“The 4400” followed the stories of 4,400 abductees as they disappeared over the course of 100 years. They suddenly reappeared in Detroit with no memories. Over time, they discover that they possess inhuman powers, like controlling the flow of life, or telepathically creating an alternate reality. The 4400 clash with the government, who tries to cover up their return and investigate the disappearances. The show ran for 4 seasons, from 2004 to 2007.

What Does this Role Mean for Patrick John Flueger’s Spot on ‘Chicago PD’?

Currently, Patrick John Flueger plays Adam Ruzek on “Chicago PD.” Ruzek is a member of the Police Intelligence Unit, having been pulled straight from the Academy into an undercover job. He’s a fan favorite on “Chicago PD,” but what will this new role on “The 4400” mean for Adam Ruzek?

Potentially, it means nothing. Patrick John Flueger is only signed on for a guest role as Caleb, and we currently don’t know what influence the character will have in the new show. So, we can’t make any sweeping assumptions either way. Right now, it looks like Flueger will be staying on “Chicago PD” as Adam Ruzek. He still has a lot of story to tell.

As for “The 4400,” it’s keeping to relatively the same formula as the original, with some updated storylines for 2021. The new series mirrors our political and social climate in how it portrays outsiders and strangers. Showrunner Ariana Jackson spoke to EW about the new show and how it differs. “We wanted to show how the government today might treat people who are strangers or land here unexplained,” she said. “And how the government does that in reality now with people and how they might really legitimately approach it with people, even in this sort of fantastical story.”

The government played a big role in the original series, as did regular, ordinary people. The clash of government agencies and regular (sort of) people was the focal point, but Jackson didn’t feel like the way the government treated the 4400 in the original would be the same today. The new show was made a little darker and edgier, but still keeps the fantastic sci-fi elements that made it a hit in 2004.