‘Chicago PD’ Star Tracy Spiridakos Discusses Upton’s Shifting Views of Voight

by Lauren Boisvert

Hailey Upton has had a lot on her plate this past “Chicago PD” season. Roy Walton, possible jail time, and now marriage. Not to mention her professional relationship with Voight. He essentially got her into that mess by covering up the Walton killing. But now she’s out, and it’s over, as far as they know.

But how does Upton feel about Voight now that he essentially almost got her thrown in jail? Does she see it that way? And are her feelings about him shifting at all? Tracy Spiridakos spoke to TV Line about Upton’s views of Voight and how they might change.

“The way she sees Voight has shifted,” said Spiridakos. “As much as she respects him and sees him as family, she doesn’t hold him on a pedestal the way she used to.” She also spoke about Upton’s changes as well, stating, “And I think the way she sees herself has shifted as well. She is also no longer on her own, where she didn’t consider the consequences of her actions. She has seen what those consequences look like now, and it ended up not only affecting her, but the person she loves the most in the world — Jay.”

There was so much stress put on her this season, and that’s not something she wants to experience again. “This is not a place she wants to find either of them in again,” she said of Halstead and Voight. “I think she expects better of herself and is holding herself to a higher standard.”

The whole experience has changed Upton tremendously, but we’ll have to wait for the upcoming “Chicago PD” to see how affected she really was by this ordeal.

‘Chicago PD’ Promises Trouble for Ruzek and Burgess

Now that one couple is out of the woods on “Chicago PD,” there’s trouble for the other one. Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess aren’t dating anymore, but Ruzek is always around, and Burgess feels like she needs boundaries.

In a promo for the next episode, Burgess asks for just that; boundaries. Specifically, boundaries with her daughter, Makayla. Burgess claims that Ruzek could meet someone and spend less time with Makayla as a result. That could seriously affect Makayla in the long run.

“You think I’m just going to leave you?” Ruzek says. “Are you guys going to leave me?” He’s afraid of being left out of this family, probably because he still has feelings for Burgess. They’re not dating, but he’s doing all he can to spend time with her and Makayla, to pretend like they’re a family.

Obviously, Ruzek doesn’t want to be with anyone else. And Burgess specifically doesn’t say that she could meet someone. Could this lead them back to each other?