‘Chicago PD’ Star Tracy Spiridakos Talks Upton and Halstead’s Spur of the Moment Wedding

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton are officially married! The couple said “I do” during a “spur of the moment” courthouse wedding on the Chicago PD fall finale.

But the circumstances surrounding the nuptials weren’t what fairy tales are made of. During the episodes leading to the wedding, Jay and Hailey struggled to stay together. Hailey was involved in a murder cover-up with Officer Hank Voight. And as you can imagine, that didn’t sit well with her future husband.

However, the couple managed to work it out. And when they did, Jay proposed to his girlfriend once again. Then, the two ran to the courthouse to seal the deal.

After the fall finale aired, the stars of the show sat down with TVLine‘s Keisha Hatchett to chat about the big event. And, of course, Hatchett wanted to know why Upstead decided to elope instead of taking a more traditional route to holy matrimony.

“With everything that’s been going on, the connection between them has been “Fractured” (see what I did there?!),” Hailey’s Tracy Spiridakos shared. “And they are both desperate to get it back. Deciding to get married was spur-of-the-moment in an effort to show each other that they’ll come out of this together stronger. It’s not for anybody else, it was just for them.”

And furthermore, even under the best circumstances, Spiridakos doesn’t think Hailey would be into a fancy wedding. So a simple courthouse wedding worked out for the best.

“I think the attention of a big celebration would actually make her shy,” she added. “Plus, that’s not really her style.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star Tracy Spiridakos Says Hailey Upton No Longer Puts Hank Voight ‘on a Pedestal’

Officer Hank Voight dragged Hailey Upton through a lot of drama this season. After a perpetrator named Roy shot their sister in blue, Kim Burgess, Hailey and Hank hunted him down. But during a violent confrontation, Roy reached for Hank’s gun. And Hailey had no choice but to shoot the criminal.

One would think that the officers would be able to confess to the shooting. It was in self-defense, after all. Nonetheless, Hank convinced Hailey to cover up the incident. And as expected, the lies caught up to the two officers. Both of them nearly lost their careers, and Hailey almost lost her finance.

And according to an interview with TV Line, the whole situation has changed Hailey and Hank’s relationship.

“The way she sees Voight has shifted,” said Hailey’s actress Tracy Spiridakos. “As much as she respects him and sees him as family, she doesn’t hold him on a pedestal the way she used to. And I think the way she sees herself has shifted as well. She is also no longer on her own, where she didn’t consider the consequences of her actions. She has seen what those consequences look like now, and it ended up not only affecting her but the person she loves the most in the world — Jay.”