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‘Chicago PD’ Stars Once Played Three Siblings Before Joining the Show

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

“Chicago PD” highlights as one of television’s most dynamic procedural crime shows. Surely, a lot of that has to do with the dedicated and enthusiastic cast members. However, unbelievably, before some of the stars gained the roles of Chicago’s most iconic police officers, several of the actors played siblings together before joining “Chicago PD.”

In 2015, the year just following the debut of “Chicago PD,” television personality Steve Harvey sat down with several show stars for an exclusive interview. One of the stars was “Chicago PD” alum, Jon Seda. Seda previously played Detective Antonio Dawson before his character moved back home to Puerto Rico.

Seda was also accompanied by current cast members, Patrick Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer. Flueger continues to play Adam Burzek, and “Chicago PD” heartthrob, Jesse Lee Soffer, plays Jay Halstead.

In speaking with the actors, Harvey asked if they had worked on projects together before headlining “Chicago PD.”

Interestingly, Soffer had a surprising answer. You can see the full discussion below, but we’ve got the short version for you Outsiders.

Prior to starring in “Chicago PD,” Soffer revealed he and Flueger played brothers for a pilot on NBC. The passed over show boasted the title, “Hatfields & McCoys.”

The pair’s accompanying costar, Seda, did not have a role in the series. Instead, the two actors starred alongside “Chicago PD” alum Sophia Bush. Now, Jon Seda plays a starring role as a doctor on NBC‘s new series, “La Brea.” Simultaneously, Sophia Bush has landed a starring role, also portraying a doctor, over on CBS‘s series, “Good Sam.”

‘Chicago PD’s’ Fan-Favorite Couple Faces Major Trouble

Fast forward from the three star’s 2015 interview and we land right in the middle of “Chicago PD’s” ninth season. Obviously, we’ve seen some exciting storylines before. However, this year’s midseason finale promises nothing but trouble for the show’s fan-favorite couple.

Following several seasons of building their relationship, fans are rooting for the official union of Halstead and fellow officer, Hailey Upton.

Further, Halstead and Upton shared an unexpected though long-desired moment during season eight. It was then the female officer sprung on Halstead a marriage proposal. Prior to season nine’s premiere, fans were hoping for an “Upstead” marriage.

Instead, those hopes have been all but dashed. Upton and Voight’s fatal decision during the season eight finale has contributed to a lot of the storyline that’s persisted throughout this season. The result of that decision has seen Upton and Halstead grow drastically apart, with Halstead questioning the true intentions of Upton’s marriage proposal.

As we await December 8th’s midseason finale of “Chicago PD,” Outsiders are anxious to see what becomes of one of our favorite “One Chicago” couples.