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‘Chicago PD’ Stars Open Up About Fan Encounters on Set

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeff Schear/FilmMagic)

“Chicago PD” debuted its first season way back in 2014, and since its premiere on NBC, to and its “One Chicago” franchise has gained an enthusiastic and dedicated fanbase. Previously, some of our favorite “Chicago PD” stars sat down with Steve Harvey to discuss their time on the set. But, more importantly, they also detailed their encounters with fans of “Chicago PD.”

You can catch the full discussion at the clip’s 1:40 mark, however, we’ve provided the straightforward rundown for Outsiders.

“Chicago PD” alum, Jon Seda, who previously played Detective Antonio Dawnson, dedicated the show’s success to the franchise’s loyal fans. He shared with Harvey, “Without the fans, we don’t have a show.” The actor continued with, “[We have] the best fans in the world; they show up when we’re shooting.”

He detailed many show up on location and patiently provide support and encouragement in hopes to meet “Chicago PD’s” stars. Seda’s former costar, Patrick Flueger, who plays Adam Burzek on set, shared his own thoughts regarding the fans.

“We know how to best invade a neighborhood,” he remarked. “The circus comes to town and there’s no parking, and people are still pretty patient with us,” he laughed.

Well, when “One Chicago” fans have such relatable, charismatic, and passionate characters to follow along with, it makes it easy to adore the actors.

‘Chicago PD’ Actress Speaks to Show’s Hard Topics

We can be sure “Chicago PD’s” dedicated cast members serve as a hallmark in attracting such a loyal fanbase. However, there are surely other aspects of the NBC show that draw in such a broad crowd.

“Chicago PD” highlights as one of television’s most popular procedural crime dramas. However, in depicting law enforcement, it can be difficult to portray difficult scenes, plot lines, and topics. “Chicago PD” actress Marina Squerciati shared, of course, “Chicago PD” is not perfect in portraying real-life conflicts and social topics. However, she commended the cast in its dedication to authenticity, despite hard topics.

Of more recent seasons and episodes, Squerciati shared, “I think that you can’t start a cop show–a Chicago cop show in a post-George Floyd world–without acknowledging it.”

She explained that conforming entirely to the “copaganda” format would be irresponsible on behalf of “Chicago PD.”

Further, she highlighted the importance and dedication of the hit show’s sole black officer, Kevin Atwater. The well-liked character is played by actor LaRoyce Hawkins.

Because there exist such vast divisions between law enforcement and multicultural and racial communities, Squerciati stressed that Hawkins’ involvement is essential and valued. The actor helps in accurately developing storylines and furthers the accuracy of certain fictional onscreen depictions.

The actress concluded, “I think that the writers giving LaRoyce this voice in order to speak to that part of the unrest is really important.”