‘Chicago PD’ Stars Talk Major Characters Getting Married

by Lauren Boisvert

The “Chicago PD” winter finale was full of excitement the whole way through and wrapped up on a sweet beginning for two of its main characters. Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton finally got married after three different proposals and the threat of going to prison.

The Halstead-Upton-Voight drama with Roy Walton’s death was figured out; Halstead and Voight used blackmail against agent North to get him to drop the case. This will most likely come back to haunt them, either professionally or personally. The guilt may torment them, especially Halstead, who knows himself to be above that sort of thing.

But that was all at the end of the episode. Halstead proposed to Upton again, and the two were married at the courthouse. Stars Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos spoke to Hollywood Life about their characters’ decision to get married immediately and how the severity of their previous situation influenced it.

“I feel like the relationship was so fractured for a little while,” said Spiridakos, “and this moment was a moment between them to kind of just show that we’re in this together, we can get through this together.” They got through the Roy Walton fiasco together, relatively unscathed. Finally getting married cemented the fact that they’re better together.

“I also think it was a closure to the whole Roy storyline, the North storyline, the FBI coming after them, and that this could be the dissolution of the unit,” Soffer added. “And to put it all to bed, it’s like the next logical step is closure. Let’s move on. Let’s move past this. The next thing that’s in our lives is this.”

‘Chicago PD’: Halstead and Upton Wedding was ‘Perfect’

According to the “Chicago PD” stars, the wedding couldn’t have happened any other way. Jay Halstead came to Hailey Upton with a simple, “Marry me, now,” and the two were wed at the courthouse. It was a simple affair but perfect for them; they don’t seem like the type to have a lavish wedding celebration.

“It really was the perfect way for that to happen,” Tracy Spiridakos said in conversation with TV Insider. “It really stays true to those two characters.”

Jesse Lee Soffer credits the writers with making the best decisions for the characters. He told Hollywood Life that the writing was the most logical they could have done for Halstead and Upton. To TV Insider, he spoke about the events leading up to the marriage, Roy Walton, the FBI, and the ultimatum. “It didn’t break us,” he said. “And then to have the two characters get married, it just made sense. So I think it was good writing.”

All in all, a successful winter finale for “Chicago PD.” Halstead and Upton will most likely go right back to work after their wedding; they’re already married to the job, after all.